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About ENACT Local Policy Database:
Promising Practices in Nutrition and Physical Activity

Funded by: The California Endowment

Recognizing that local decisions such as community design and product availability can influence eating and activity behaviors, many local jurisdictions are working to reshape their schools, communities and institutions. Local policy, in the past, has been a pivotal catalyst in addressing public health challenges as diverse as violence prevention and tobacco control. Local policies contribute to meaningful environmental change that spread to different jurisdictions and build support for state and federal policies that influence behavioral norms.

The Local Policy Database catalogues promising food and activity related policies to:

  1. Provide local policy makers, health advocates and the media with concrete examples of what’s being adopted in other locales;
  2. Demonstrate the range of physical activity / food-related policies that are emerging;
  3. Highlight promising policy activities that are occurring at the local level; and
  4. Facilitate networking among local policymakers and advocates around successes and challenges.

Prevention Institute collects policies through soliciting key informants and monitoring public documents.

For more information, visit our Frequently Asked Questions

Strategic Alliance for Healthy Food and Activity Environments serves as a hub for cutting-edge policies aimed at improving eating and activity opportunities for all Californians. As a network of advocates in California, the Strategic Alliance shifts the public debate on eating and physical activity away from a primary focus on personal responsibility to shine a light on the role that corporate and government practices have on the food and activity environments where people live, work, play and learn. Strategic Alliance houses the ENACT Local Policy Database.

Prevention Institute is a national non-profit center committed to preventing illness and injury, to fostering health and social equity, and to building momentum for community prevention as an integral component of a quality health system. Prevention Institute manages the content of the ENACT Local Policy Database.

We were fortunate to work with an esteemed group of advisors to develop the ENACT Local Policy Database. We thank them for their insight and generosity.

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