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Local Policy Database Criteria Checklist

Criteria to follow when submitting polices for inclusion into the database.

Local Policy

Policies must be proposed / adopted at the local level by local entities.

Influences physical activity and nutrition environments

Policies that influence eating and activity environments and behaviors will be included and those that focus on environmental and / or population-level change will be prioritized over those that target individual behavior change.

Current or Recent

Policies that are being proposed and /or implemented presently will form the foundation of the database; researchers may look retrospectively as resources allow.

Descriptive Information Available

Policies must be accompanied by basic descriptive information (e.g. date implemented, legislative body, locale, local contact, etc.) to allow users to search the database.

Applicable in diverse communities

Policies must represent / reflect the diverse political, economic, physical and social landscape of communities. Attention will be given to applicability in low-income communities, communities of color, urban, rural and suburban communities, communities with varying political climates and vulnerable populations.

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