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Policy Profiles

The ENACT Local Policy database also features in-depth policy profiles to give you a deeper understanding for what it took to get the policy passed and implemented.  Click on any of the stories below to learn more.


NEW San Jose, CA Requires 100% Healthy Vending Options in City Libraries

Requires all San Jose City Public Libraries to stock only healthy foods and drinks in their vending machines. 

Madison, WI and Escondido, CA Utilize Land Use Planning to Support Urban Agriculture

Escondido’s interim land use policy allows public use of private vacant lots for community purposes including gardens.  And Madison’s comprehensive plan promotes the development of community gardens and protection of agricultural land.

City of Los Angeles Child Nutrition Policy

Requires recreation centers and other youth-serving city departments and programs to offer more nutritious meals and snacks.

Olympia, Washington's 3% Utility Tax for Parks and Sidewalks

Implements a 3% utility tax to improve their parks, sidewalks, and open space.

Woodbury, Iowa's Organic Conversion and Local Purchase Policies

Mandates that county food service programs must purchase organic, locally grown foods when available.

Chicago’s Legislation to Limit Restrictive Land-Use Covenants

Limits the ability of grocers and drugstores from using land use covenants that prevent other grocers and drugstores from occupying the parcel once vacated.


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