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Policy Resources and Tools

The Environmental Nutrition and Activity Community Tool (ENACT)

ENACT provides an interactive menu of strategies designed to help you select and prioritize strategies for improving food and activity environments on a local level, starting in your own community. ENACT guides implementation by offering useful resources based on current research and practice, including model policies and programs, hands-on tools and related research.



Leadership for Healthy Communities (LHC): Advancing Policies to Support Healthy Eating & Active Living

LHC, a national program of Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, is designed to support local and state government leaders nationwide in their efforts to reduce childhood obesity through public policies that promote active living, healthy eating and access to healthy foods. LHA provides a wide variety of resources, including fact sheets, briefs and other materials for increasing sustainable opportunities for physical activity and healthy eating.


National Policy & Legal Analysis Network to Prevent Childhood Obesity (NPLAN)

NPLAN, a program of Public Health Law & Policy, aims to create strong policy interventions that will reverse the childhood obesity epidemic by 2015. NPLAN offers a variety of products and develops model policies for developing and implementing policies to create healthy communities.



Yale Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity Legislation Database



The Rudd Center is a non-profit research and public policy organization devoted to improving the world’s diet, preventing obesity, and reducing weight stigma. The legislation database provided by the Center allows users to search for food policies filed by Congress, states and select cities and counties. is decided to increasing opportunities and creating safe places for children and adults to be more physically active. By working together and forging joint solutions, physical activity, parks and recreation, transportation, business, and education advocates can transform neighborhoods and improve physical activity environments for children and adults. provides resources including frameworks, policies and profiles as well as a discussion space for creating healthy communities through joint use.

Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights (ANR)

ANR is a national lobbying organization dedicated to nonsmokers’ rights, taking on the tobacco industry at all levels of government, protecting nonsmokers from exposure to secondhand smoke, and preventing tobacco addiction among youth. ANR provides model laws and policies for smoke-free workplaces and public spaces used by hundreds of cities and numerous states. ANR also compiles a library of smoke-free lists, maps and data from across the United States. Sample City /County Legislation: Provides a template for developing a city or county healthy eating, active living legislation.


National Association of State Boards of Education (NASBE): State School Healthy Policy Database

The NASBE State School Health Policy Database is a comprehensive set of laws and policies from 50 states on more than 40 school health topics providing brief descriptions of laws, legal codes, rules, regulations, administrative orders, mandates, standards, resolutions, and other written means of exercising authority. This database serves to facilitate the sharing of school health improvement strategies and policy language across states, to help state, district, and school practitioners access their state’s school health policies in one convenient location and to assist researchers and policy evaluators with tracking changes in policies across the nation.


LiveWell Colorado HEAL Library

LiveWell Colorado’s HEAL Library is a searchable, online collection of codes, ordinances, resolutions, policies and other tools to help communities create environments that support access to healthy eating and active living. The HEAL Library provides model language for policy and regulatory action at the local or regional level, with a primary focus on Colorado communities and secondarily on similar states and other leading national examples.


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