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How Many Calories Do 100 Burpees A Day Burn

Not all of us can have quick access to a gym. So what most people do is either calisthenics or cardio. Cardio will involve running and jogging. On the other hand, calisthenics is more focused on bodily movement. 

If you want to build your muscles and strength without gym equipment, then calisthenics is your go-to. Calisthenics can be done almost anytime and anywhere. It is incredibly versatile and easy to do. Today, however, we are going to talk about the most challenging calisthenic workout. 

Among all of the calisthenics workout, burpees are the least well known. Despite not being popular, it is one of the most efficient ways to do your calisthenics. Burpee will not only focus on one muscle or muscle group, but it will involve the entire body. 

100 Burpees

What Is Burpee?

So what is a burpee? And who started this exercise? As you might have guessed, the workout burpee is named after its creator Royal H. Burpee. He created the burpee exercise for the sake of his Ph.D. thesis. He reasoned that burpee is a quick and simple way to evaluate one’s fitness level. Burpee is later then popularized by the US Army in the 1940s to test the fitness level of new recruits. 

Originally, the old fashioned burpee started in very simple moves. First, bend your knees and place both of your hands on the floor in front of you. Next, quickly move your foot out to the rear. Then bring your legs back to the previous position before when you moved them to the rear. And finally, stand up. 

Burpee started as a fitness test, and it wasn’t intended to be a workout. However, since then, different variations are added to the burpee, making them even more challenging. Moreover, a burpee is now considered as an exercise. The burpee that most are familiar with now includes pushup and jumping. 

Burpee doesn’t seem complex at all at first glance. In fact, everyone can do this exercise! So what makes it challenging? SImple, a burpee is a series of movements. 

Just like how tiring running can be, a burpee is likewise the same. Doing burpees in a row is sure to take your breath away literally. This is why many don’t particularly do it. 

However, fret not because I can assure you that this workout is worth doing. Here is why you should add burpee to your daily routine.

What Are The Benefits of Burpees?

There isn’t much calisthenics that is as versatile as burpees. Burpees will demand every almost every muscle to be used, so every part of you is running hard to do just one rep. It’s the all-in-one package in calisthenics. If you are still not sure about it, here are some reasons why.

Burpees Burn Calories

An average person can do about 20 burpees within a minute, and it is equivalent to 10 calories burned. Based on this fact, you can burn 200 calories by doing burpees nonstop for 20 minutes. This is very efficient compared to the usual cardio. Typical cardio burns somewhere between 140 and 250 calories in 30 minutes.

To answer the question, “how many calories do 100 burpees burn?” It is 50 calories. The variables can be subject to change depending on the person’s sex, age, and weight. 

100 Burpees

Versatile Workout

As stated earlier, burpees are a calisthenics workout. Calisthenics is a fitness method of using your body weight to act as a resistance. Unlike other calisthenics, however, burpees will not only build on one muscle or muscle group. Burpees will build your upper torso, core muscles, gluteal muscles, and leg muscles. 

Burpees not only build those muscles but also enhances their capabilities as well. You will get stronger, have more endurance, and be more agile. 

Plus, to get all of these benefits, you needn’t bother yourself going to a gym or purchasing your equipment. All you need is your own body weight and a wide enough space to move. Regardless if you do it in a tiny room, office, or kitchen, you can still perform this exercise.

If you want to add difficulty to your burpees, you can easily add some variations to them. 

Burpees Enhances Your Cardio Fitness 

Did you know that burpee is also a cardio workout? Cardio, by definition, is any activity that utilizes oxygen as energy and increases the pulse. Burpees fit these depictions clearly, so obviously, a burpee is cardio. 

Just like any cardio, the benefits of cardio also applies to burpees. The advantages of cardio include strengthened cardiac muscles, better heart, burn fat, better sleep, and improved lung capacity. Cardio can likewise help avoid hypertension, heart illnesses, and diabetes. 

Burpees Can Enhance Mental Well-being

Any form of physical activity has been proven to be beneficial for your mental wellness. This, of course, includes burpees. 

At first, it is really exhausting to do burpees. You may even want to give up at some point. But, as you get used to it, you start to change. After doing some burpees, your bran will release some biochemicals such as adrenaline and endorphins. These two combined can make you feel good even hours after a workout.

So starting your day with this exercise can help you throughout the day. You won’t feel as tired and having fewer negative emotions.

How To Do Burpees The Modern Way

  1. Stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  2. Lower your hips, bend your knees, and perform a squat.
  3. Lower and place your hands right on the floor in front of you.
  4. Shift your weight to your hand and quickly do a plank position. Make sure that your form is good.
  5. Do one push-up and go back to the plank position.
  6. Bring back your feet from when before you did a plank.
  7. Reach your hands overhead and jump.
  8. Land and immediately go back to your squatting position to be ready for the next rep. 

100 Burpees A Day Conclusion

Expect burpees to be challenging, especially for beginners. But, what makes it exhausting is what will build your cardio fitness, develops muscles, and enhancing your strength. 

If you have a health condition, consult a doctor first before trying out burpees.


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