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When you hear Atkins bars, I know you think of them as more of with candy bars than healthy food. Who doesn’t? Most candy bars are filled with excess sugar, fat, and artificial additives. Therefore, when buying candy bars it is important to read the label and know the content of the bars you are about to consume. Therefore, this begs the question, can diabetics eat Atkins Bars?

According to several diabetes patients, sweet Atkins bars were the cause of blood sugar spikes. Flavors like nut caramel bar and chocolate coconut will send your blood sugar levels into overdrive.

Atkins nutritionists came up with low carb meal plans and also sell these low carb meals and candy bars.

This article provides a complete guide on how to select the right Atkins candy bars for your healthy lifestyle. You can then decide if these bars can form part of your diet.

Do Atkins bars spike blood sugar?

do atkins bars spike blood sugar

Atkins bars contain a certain amount of carbohydrates, therefore you have to include them in your carb count. The nutritional value is lower than whole foods. Atkins bars come in different forms, either as purchase trails, meal replacement, or snack bars. Atkins bars contain approximately 2 -7g of carbs per packet. Depending on your selection, Atkins bars spike blood sugar levels. Choose low-carb Atkins bars to suit your diabetic lifestyle.

A trail bar can be used to give you a sense of satisfaction till your next meal, while a meal replacement bar is a candy that you can take instead of lunch or a meal.

The Atkins nutritionists make meals and snack bars that cater to those following a low-carb diet. They named their meal plans and products the ‘Atkins diet’.

Doctors advise type 2 diabetics to use low-carb Atkins bars more often to replace whole foods or to avoid cravings. In the long term, there will be good results in your blood sugar level and weight loss journey.

Do not rely on Atkins bars as a form of treats throughout the day as it could lead to weight gain. People with type 1 diabetes are also advised to not overeat candy bars as it could result in a sharp spike in blood sugar levels. As a type 1 diabetic avoid foods containing sorbitol such as Atkins bars.

Snack bars come in handy when you need fast hunger relief. There are specific times when a snack bar comes in handy, such as;

  • When you are in need of a quick breakfast, a snack bar is one of the best choices. You can eat a snack bar accompanied by yogurt, boiled egg, or nuts. However, snack bars should not be taken regularly to replace breakfast, it is important to eat whole foods to make sure the body gets all nutrients.
  • Snack: you can eat Atkins bars as a snack as you wait for your next meal. They are rich in protein, carbs, and fiber which will give you a feeling of fullness. For type 1 diabetes, Atkins bars can help avoid low blood sugar levels.
  • Before or after workout: snack bars are a great and simple way to energize your body before and after a workout. You should measure the carbs needed depending on your blood sugar level, time spent working out, and the intensity of the workout.

Is Atkins good for diabetes?

is atkins good for diabetes

In order to know whether Atkins is good for diabetes, here is the nutritional facts of a regular Atkin candy bar. (60g)

  • Calories 240g
  • Total fat 15g:
    • saturated fat 8g
    • Transfat 0g
    • Polyunsaturated fat 1.5g
    • Monounsaturated fat 4g
  • Protein 16g
  • Fiber 12g
  • Sugar 2g
  • Total carbohydrate 23g

Atkins bars are generally low in carbs, due to their sizes. However, they fall under the category of highly processed foods and some ingredients may not be friendly to your health. Some Atkins bars may contain artificial additives and unhealthy fats. The fact that many Atkins bars are prepared using soybean oil which is chemically extracted is the reason why Atkins bars should not be permanently in your meal plan.

Low-carb Atkins bars are often loaded with sugar alcohols and artificial sweeteners so as to retain the sweet taste. Eating a lot of these sugar alcohols can lead to intolerance which results in problems such as diarrhea and gas.

The artificial sweeteners used in Atkins bars include sucralose and acesulfame potassium both not necessarily good for your health. They can lead to reduced insulin sensitivity which is risky for prediabetics.

Best snacks bars for diabetics

When looking for the best snack bars for diabetics, follow the following guidelines:

  1. Keep the sugar content below 10 grams
  2. Keep the carb content below 30g, but if you are eating the Atkin bar as a meal replacement you may want to keep the number of carbs at 30g.
  3. Select the bar with a protein content of less than 5g. Proteins will help stabilize your blood sugar levels and give you a sense of fullness.
  4. Make sure the snack bar contains at least 3g of fiber
  5. Make sure the calories content is less than 250g. This will ensure that your body is fueled as well as control weight gain.
  6. If you opt for a gluten-free, or nut-free snack bar, make sure you spot these labels on the packaging.

Examples of Atkin’s low-carb snack bars include the Atkins chocolate crisp snack bar and the chocolate peanut butter meal bar. They have 140g calories, 10g protein and 250g calories, and 16g protein respectively.

The Atkins diet was made to help diabetic people reduce carb intake while training the body to digest fats into energy more efficiently. Atkins bars are helpful in helping control carb intake levels. However, they should be taken in moderation.

In conclusion, can diabetics eat Atkins bars? well yes! opt for Atkins bars that are:

  • low in calories
  • Low in carbs
  • High in protein
  • High in fat content
  • High in fiber
  • High in other nutrients such as vitamin A and C, magnesium, and zinc

Atkins bars fit in a low-carb diet, however, they should be taken occasionally. They are not the healthiest form of food, aim to take more whole foods.


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