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Chinese cuisine is one of the most famous in the world that captivates with its exoticism and there is almost no place in the country where there is not at least one restaurant that offers Chinese food. This cuisine is known for the use of white rice in combination with various other ingredients and sauces that make this food very specific. So can diabetics eat chinese food?

Sometimes all of a sudden we have a desire to eat a certain food, we go, and we buy that food. But the situation is a little different when it comes to diabetics. They must manage their food according to their diet and the allowed calories and nutritional values that should be taken during the day to avoid a sudden rise in blood sugar. So, it is logical to ask the question can diabetics eat Chinese food? Keep reading this text and you will finally solve your dilemma.

A Definite Answer to the Question of Can Diabetics Eat Chinese Food

Chinese Food for Diabetics- Yes, or No?

It is difficult to find an environment with Chinese food and when it comes to it then there are two options. The first option is sure to raise your blood sugar, and the second option is that you can eat Chinese food that will lower your blood sugar and be a great source of lean protein. The main culprit in the first option is white rice, which is part of almost every traditional Chinese dish. The same goes for fried rice, fried chicken, or fried fish, and shrimp. The second option contains ingredients that have low sugar values ​​and that reduce blood sugar levels. Such are skinless chicken, shrimp, tofu, or fish, which come in combination with vegetables, and sauces such as oyster sauce and wine sauce. The main Chinese delicacies that can be found on the menu of diabetics are clear soup, egg drop, with stir-fried vegetables and tofu or chicken, further stir-fry with chicken and vegetables, fish in black bean sauce with vegetables, or teriyaki salmon, seaweed salad, and vegetables.

Can Diabetics Eat Chow Mein- Question Answered

The literal translation of Chow Mein is actually stir-fried noodles. This dish is made with vegetables, meat, or tofu. This is one of the most famous dishes of Chinese cuisine that is found in every Chinese restaurant in the world and its main ingredients are noodles, soy sauce, and vegetables, and also its variations include the addition of chicken, pork, beef, shrimp, or tofu. This recipe sounds very tempting so it makes sense to ask the question can diabetics eat chow mein? The answer to this question is yes, but you should be careful about the amount that the diabetic consumes. The average portion of this dish should be in accordance with the daily limit of calorie intake and other nutritional values on which the blood sugar level depends. However, despite the permission to consume this dish infrequently, it is best to avoid it altogether because noodles are usually made entirely of rice which can immediately affect blood sugar levels and contribute to its sharp rise.

What Chinese Food is Low in Sugar and Diabetic Friendly?

what chinese food is low in sugar

As we said, one-half of Chinese cuisine has a bad effect on the health of the diabetic, and the other half can be consumed, so the question arises what Chinese food is low in sugar and diabetics can eat? At the top of this list are steamed dumplings made from meat and vegetables, most commonly pork and cabbage. In second place is the hot and sour soup made with bamboo shoots, eggs, and ginger in chicken broth, vinegar, and spices. This is followed by a dish called moo goo gai pan which is actually a stir-fry dish made from chicken and vegetables such as mushrooms, broccoli, carrots, and water chestnuts. Also, a great idea for Chinese food is baked salmon which has a high level of protein, omega 3, and no carbohydrates at all. The average portion of salmon contains 156 calories, 21 grams of protein, and 7 grams of fat.

Can Diabetics Eat Beef and Broccoli- Yes, or no?

One of the main specialties is what is called beef and broccoli, so the question arises can diabetics eat beef and broccoli? This dish is stir-fried and is made from beef and broccoli tossed in a light sauce. This specialty is allowed to be eaten by diabetics because it has a low level of carbohydrates and a high level of protein. The disadvantage of this dish when it comes to diabetics is that it is usually made with fatty cuts of beef, but to reduce fat you can always ask to get steamed instead of stir-fried broccoli. A very similar dish to this is chicken and broccoli which is prepared on the same principle but is a leaner option. To make it even more permissible for diabetics to consume this specialty, you can ask to have the dish steamed.

The main question we asked as the topic of this text is can diabetics eat Chinese food, and the answer we got has two possible options. One part of the food in this kitchen is hotter for consumption when it comes to diabetics, and the other part of the food can help a lot in regulating blood sugar. What diabetics should avoid the most is eating white rice which is part of almost every specialty of Chinese cuisine, and also avoiding fried rice which very easily contributes to a sharp rise in blood sugar. It is recommended to always eat foods that have a low carbohydrate index, high protein index, and in combination with vegetables or sauces that reduce blood sugar levels. What every diabetic should remember is that no matter how good the Chinese food you eat is, it can still hurt you if you overdo it.


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