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Diabetic living: Can diabetics eat tacos?

A diabetes diagnosis necessitates a complete lifestyle makeover. You need to be very careful with the foods you consume. Eating right can help manage sugar levels, maintain weight and reduce reliance on insulin.

Fast food does not seem like the healthiest choice for a diabetic. However sometimes we are in a hurry and it’s the only option available, which leads us to the question, “can diabetics eat tacos?”

Well, if you are talking about tacos filled with carbs, fats, and cholesterol, it’s a big No!  One serving of tacos can send you over your target carbs for the day.

However, there are diabetic tacos that are harmless to the body. As always, be keen on portion sizes.  Many restaurants and fast-food joints offer healthy choices because there is quite a population that has made the decision to eat healthily. Tacos can be part of a healthy diet, we only need to make changes in its preparation.

Are tacos safe for diabetics? 

are tacos safe for diabetics

Tacos are made up of several food groups, all of which can be substituted to make a healthy meal. Tacos are made up of the following;

  •  Cooked protein. Could be beef,  chicken, shrimp, sausage, tofu, pork, or fish.
  • Fat. Fats are used in the preparation of protein and other ingredients to add flavor.
  • Fruit. Pineapples are usually used in tacos.  Citrus, yogurt, sour cream form part of the sauce or marinade used.
  • Vegetables. Onion, tomatoes, lettuce, Cabbages, mushrooms, spinach, radish, tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant
  • Legumes.  Beans are widely used.
  • Salsa. It contains ingredients such as pineapple, guacamole, salsa Roja, chipotle, and mango.
  • Cereal. Found in corn tortillas

Tacos are considered unhealthy due to the number of fats and carbs they can contain. Avoid street tacos as a diabetic because their preparation is often below standards. Street tacos often use unhealthy meat choices and its level of hygiene is questionable. Remember hygiene is an important aspect when deciding whether a meal is healthy. Tacos made on the streets have dust filtering in. If you come across one that has gone for days on display you’ll probably end up with a stomach upset. Watch how they handle sauces and vegetables at your Taco joint.

There are various ways to make your tacos safe for diabetics.

First, you will want to request whole wheat tortillas. Tortillas made out of white wheat may send your blood sugar to the peak in a few hours. This is due to its high glycemic index.

If possible, reduce the entrees that are fried. This way you reduce your fat intake.

Put as many vegetables in your tortilla. Vegetables are well known for stabilizing blood sugar levels. Add guacamole to your Taco. Avocado is made up of healthy fats that also help stabilize blood sugars. The fats will help lower the rate at which sugars are absorbed into the bloodstream, therefore creating a healthy rise and fall in blood sugars. However, be keen on portion sizes because guacamole has a lot of calories.

Taco options for diabetics

taco options for diabetics

There’s is a wide variety of tacos for diabetics that we can prepare at home or get at the nearest restaurant.

When making homemade tacos we ensure that we use high-quality meat/protein, fats and vegetables, and cereals of choice. Homemade tacos are also hygienic due to less exposure to dust and the environment.

Here are some Taco options for diabetics;

  • Traditional Taco. The traditional Taco has s higher carb content compared to the rest in this group. Here, just pick the tortilla you prefer, although be keen on flour tortillas due to their high glycemic index.  Foods that rate high in glycemic index Makes a type 2 Diabetic with blood sugar spikes. Whole wheat flour tortillas are better compared to white flour tortillas. Whole wheat is generally heavy on the stomach and its fiber content ensures that there is slow absorption into the bloodstream. Instead of using flour tortillas, consider using corn tortillas. You can accompany this Taco with vegetables and salsa.
  • Low carb tacos. Nopal tortillas are used in the preparation of these tacos. The use of nopal tortillas ensures that the calorie and carbs content is cut by half.
  • Tacos without carbs. Here we replace tortillas with lettuce. Fill up the lettuce with preferred meat, sauce, and other vegetables.
  • Vegetarian tacos. These tacos do not have meat in them. Here we use soy replacements that have a meaty flavor or poblano strips dipped in sauce.

When ordering from a restaurant or a fast food place, you will want to make certain considerations to ensure you eat a healthy meal. Here are tips to ensure you get the right Taco with each order.

  • Order tacos with low-fat meat. As a diabetic, it is important to watch your weight and cholesterol levels. Neglecting your fat intake can lead to serious conditions such as heart disease and obesity.
  • Request for tacos prepared using the least amount of fat. Of course, it is nearly impossible to get tacos that have been prepared using no fat. The fat from the grill is acceptable but it should be very little.
  • As you have heard over and over, Be careful with your portions. Tacos are served with 2 tortillas; doctors advise taking only one of them. You can divide this piece into two to feel as if you have eaten the whole Taco. If one Taco can’t fill you up, you can always consider taking vegetables. This way to get satisfied without adding more calories and carbs.

When it comes to answering the question “can diabetics eat tacos?” Here are the key takeaways;

  • Choose tacos made out of corn tortillas
  • Choose tacos made using the least amount of oil
  • Consider replacing tortillas with lettuce. This way you cut the carb content by nearly half
  • Go for homemade tacos; this way you watch which ingredients to use while being hygienic

As a diabetic, you are not as limited as you may think. They are always ways of making your favorite dishes without neglecting your medical goals.



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