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Since pregnancy delivers a wide variety of cravings, it is normal for a pregnant woman to crave nachos, tacos or even hot chips. But, we all know the symptoms of pregnancy, and hot chips may play a role in enhancing these symptoms.

Given the circumstances, we understand if you need answers to the question, “can I eat hot chips while pregnant?” We’re here to give you answers.

Can I Eat Hot Chips While Pregnant?

While it is not easy to resist cravings during pregnancy, eating hot chips once in a while does not cause harm to the unborn baby.

I have reservations about overindulgence because potato chips aren’t the healthiest snacks unless otherwise a well-balanced diet. However, depending on the stage you are in, chips may expose you to different physical reactions.

So, can I eat hot chips while pregnant? Yes, have them, but at the stage when morning sickness is over to avoid reactions. Most women, during pregnancy experience morning sickness in their first trimester.

Characterized by nausea with or without vomiting, certain foods trigger morning sickness. But since every woman is different during pregnancy, it is impossible to tell whether hot potato chips escalate morning sickness impacts. 

But a study reveals that hot potato chips fill your stomach long enough to hinder your eating schedule.

While foods high in fats may exacerbate nausea, hot potato chips are a potential culprit. If your morning sickness takes a toll after consuming hot potato chips, it is better to skip until you get to the second trimester when you are past morning sickness. 

Can I Eat Hot Chips While Pregnant

Can I Eat Hot Chips While Pregnant and Give in to Cravings?

You are not alone. Pregnant women experience this a lot in their first trimester, and there are myths surrounding food cravings concerning the gender of the unborn you are carrying. That is a subject for another day. Why food cravings in the first place?

You might be surprised when cravings hit you in your first trimester.

That intense urge for certain foods is so demanding that you might find yourself with a plate piled with what is on your mind.

Haven’t you had cravings yet in your pregnancy? Don’t worry; it takes any shape or form. 

Sometimes, you might find yourself wanting an odd combination of food hard to find. Craving for a particular food indicates that you might need a specific nutrient often found in that food.

During the energy-intensive process of growing another human being inside you, you could crave food you even disliked before pregnancy because of your body’s specific nutrient needs. 

Your body undergoes tremendous hormonal imbalances during pregnancy, which partially explains pregnancy cravings.

For the next nine months of pregnancy, your body is bound to experience a steady rise in estrogen and progesterone. This means, that during pregnancy, the body experiences changes in other hormones, like dopamine, serotonin, and HCG, which explains why other pregnant women often change their mood swings and have various food cravings that are not always somehow satisfied.

Can I Follow Pregnancy Food Cravings?

Can you eat hot chips while pregnant? Or, are there foods to avoid during pregnancy? As much as you struggle to meet your food cravings, there are rules to observe here.

Don’t overindulge in cravings that might cause issues to your health and that of the unborn. Your balanced diet should not go out of the window just because your craving for a particular food takes a toll.

If you don’t like a particular food that completes your diet, seek alternative sources to meet that requirement.

The reason is simple! You can’t risk health missing a nutrient needed for the proper development of the unborn. 

If you find yourself in limbo, either draw a line between foods to avoid during pregnancy and those that you can consume but in moderation.

Can I follow pregnancy food cravings as long as every tick is checked in my balanced diet list? Yes, we understand the situation you are in; many women go through this while pregnant.

You can maintain a balanced diet and indulge in cravings as long as they don’t cause you to gain excess weight or excess sugar intake. You don’t want to struggle with gestational diabetes.

Eat-in moderation; if you find it extremely difficult to skip a craving, you know it is unhealthy. Food cravings may urge you to devour eight times the standard servings, which is okay if your cravings are for healthy fruits and veggies. If you are craving high-calorie foods, you better find a healthy substitute to scratch your itch. 

As a pregnant woman, your cravings will take a toll on you when you are hungrier. It is advisable you take your meals in small quantities but frequently spread throughout the day. You will halfway suppress cravings. Or get enough of it because your stomach is already filled up.

Non-Food Cravings

Craving is different in pregnant women. In some instances, pregnant women crave non-food items.

When this happens, it is a sign that something is wrong. When you find yourself in a situation where you crave dirt, crayons, laundry starch, or ice scraped from the freezer; you have all the reasons to worry.

The condition is called pica, but some non-food items may be harmless while others can be toxic. Pica is a sign that you lack some crucial minerals like zinc or iron. Whenever you have non-food cravings, it is good to check with your doctor.  

Listen To Your Cravings

When you are pregnant, you will feel like everyone is giving you advice. Your aunt insists you are craving pickles because you are pregnant with twins, your mom says you are carrying a boy because you are craving bad things, or a girl because of your creamy and sweet cravings.

Nothing could be further from the truth, though! The most important thing is to listen to yourself and your body.

Can I Eat Hot Chips While Pregnant

Can I Eat Hot Chips While Pregnant? Here’s a Conclusion;

Can I eat hot chips while pregnant? What about spicy chips? Do they cause miscarriage? Whatever questions you may have, your doctor is the right person to answer.

Don’t follow advice from your mom or aunties because, as I said earlier, not every pregnancy is the same and every pregnant woman is different.

The most important thing is to moderate cravings when they are unhealthy and increase servings as much as possible if they are veggies or healthy fruits.

About the baby’s gender, only a gynaecologist will tell you the truth after ultrasound scanning. Cravings for gender are another myth. Whenever you pick something to eat, think of the unborn and how you will share it.


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