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Can I Eat Seaweed Salad While Pregnant?

You can hardly miss coming across seaweed snacks these days. The trend for seaweed foods has skyrocketed recently, and for a good reason.

First, this nautical leafy-green veggie is budget-friendly snack for many and is rich in nutrients vital for fetal growth. But, can I eat seaweed salad while pregnant? And if I can, is there too much seaweed to eat while pregnant?

Seaweed is a good source of iodine, an ideal choice for a woman who’s pregnant. However, there are varieties with excess iodine that need to be moderated when consumed by pregnant women.

Many dishes come from seaweed, for example, Nori which is used to wrap Sushi, the green variety in salads, and brown seaweed best for soup, you will find different types of seaweed available and you will know whether you can safely eat them when you are pregnant.

And maybe how much it is safe for pregnant mothers to consume. 

Can I Eat Seaweed Salad While Pregnant

So The Main Question Can I Eat Seaweed Salad While Pregnant?

Seaweed is a general term referring to marine algae without considering the color or sub-type.

It is generally safe to consume seaweed during pregnancy, except for the varieties with excess iodine. And as you know, too much of something is not healthy, when feasting on these varieties, it should be in moderation.

Otherwise, generally speaking, seaweed is safe for consumption during pregnancy. If you find seaweed down the stores, know that they are categorized according to their scientific classification rather than color.

But you must know about this categorization for you to eat seaweed without a second thought about your safety and that of the unborn. 

Can a pregnant woman eat salad? Yes, but should be wary of the types that contain excess iodine, they might lead to unhealthy newborn. 

Classification by color is not the same, some may bear the color contrary to what you expected to see.

Processing or food colors may change the actual color of the seaweed variety. Here is the guide to follow to determine how safe it is to eat during pregnancy. 

Brown seaweed

It is an extraordinary variety of seaweed to be extra keen to indulge with when pregnant. It contains higher levels of iodine compared to other varieties.

Samples of brown seaweed include; Arame, Wakame, Kelp, Kombu, Fusiform, and Hijiki. Despite the fact that iodine is required during pregnancy, these types of seaweed contain iodine in excess, which may cause poor thyroid function to the mother and the fetus. 

The way you prepare the seaweed has an impact on the amount of iodine you consume. Boiling, for example, reduces iodine by about 90 percent.

Pregnant women be cautious about supplements that contain kelp type of seaweed because it is very high in iodine. But foods containing kelp can be consumed in a single serving per week. 

Red seaweed

The type of seaweed readily available in grocery stores near you. Red seaweed type includes the following: Nori, Dulse, Purple laver, and Irish moss. Red seaweed is safe for pregnant women compared to brown seaweed.

The red seaweed has plenty of benefits for pregnant women. 

Green seaweed

They offer several benefits to pregnant women, like red and green seaweed. They include sea-lettuce, sea grapes, and green caviar. 

How do pregnant women benefit from eating seaweed?

Seaweed provides excellent addition to the diet for women during pregnancy. Iodine is abundant in seaweed. Seaweed is one of a kind few sources of vitamin B12 for vegans. Seaweed is high in vitamin C too, which aids in iron absorption found in seaweeds.

Besides iodine, seaweed is an excellent source of other minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, calcium, and copper. 

Seaweed is an excellent source of omega-3 and antioxidants. Omega-3 is essential in fetal brain development.

The fiber in seaweed helps in eliminating ailments associated with pregnancy like constipation and digestive issues. A study also revealed that consuming seaweed during pregnancy helps suppress depression and its symptoms considerably. 

So, can I eat seaweed salad while pregnant? Yes, you should, considering the many benefits it presents to pregnant women in the development of the unborn.

Seaweed is a rich source of iodine that pregnant women require, but don’t forget that brown seaweed provides an excess of it and needs to be consumed in moderation. Pregnant women should locate where to buy seaweed salad from the onset of their pregnancy.

Also, they should work closely with a doctor to determine how many serving per week is good. Knowing where to buy seaweed salad from the neighborhood will make your work easy to get a hold of this golden food. 

Seaweed salad from dried seaweed 

Seaweed salad from dried seaweed is a great way to add flavor to dishes. And they look appealing to the eyes. Seaweed sprinkle to food is safe for pregnant mothers. The only reason pregnant women skip seasoning is if there is an ingredient in the dish they are allergic to. 

 Seaweed snacks: It can be challenging to tell what type of seaweed a packaged seaweed snack was made from. In most cases, they only level snacks as seaweed.

Unfortunately, this is not helpful if you are pregnant and looking for the right type of seaweed with iodine’s right levels. 

Seaweed soup: It is one of the commonly found seaweed dishes. The amount of seaweed you can derive in a soup is relatively minimal hence poses no danger to the pregnant women. 

Can I Eat Seaweed Salad While Pregnant Conclusion

Overall, seaweed is a nutritious punch that provides valuable nutrients to women during pregnancy. And it is budget-friendly. Knowing the type of seaweed you are dealing with allows you to take precautions that can cause issues to pregnant women.

Otherwise, you can have seaweed in your diet but moderation. 

Can I eat seaweed salad while pregnant? Yes, but in moderation or consultation with the doctor. Think of seaweed as the perfect source of iodine pregnant women need for proper development and growth of the fetus.

A study pointed out that there is a correlation between seaweed salad and thyroid cancer. 

Do you have experience with seaweed salad that you would like to share with the rest? Feel free to drop in the comment box. 


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