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Did Arnold Do Cardio?

The 1980s was an action-packed and testosterone-filled decade for Hollywood. The most successful action stars were Arnold “the Austrian Oak” Schwarzenegger and Sylvester “Sly” Stallone.

The gun-toting, violent, and explosive characters these men played tugged at the hearts of young men who want to be as filled with raw masculinity as these two guys were.

But of the two actors, Arnold Schwarzenegger was bigger. He wasn’t the Terminator for no reason. People who want to build their bodies look up to him. They seek answers from him because it’s apparent that his workout regime works.

To build such a body, is cardio necessary? Did Arnold do cardio? Can aerobics exercise help you become bigger and more muscular? Let’s find out the answer today!

Did Arnold Do Cardio

Did Arnold Do Cardio – Arnold Himself Says, “YES!”

“Never forget that your heart is the strongest muscle of all,” that is what Arnie Schwarzy himself wrote in an article for Muscle and Fitness. However, Arnold only did cardio to trim his waistline and to help him lose a little extra weight before a contest. He didn’t really do it for his health.

The Governator proceeds to explain that in his youth, during his bodybuilding days, cardiovascular, or training your heart, was a foreign idea. But looking back, Arnold wishes that he’d done more cardiovascular exercises, not just for trimming his waistline, but for keeping his heart healthy.

When his acting career took off, Arnold dedicated a lot more time to cardio. He says he needed a way to burn calories faster. Part of his cardio routine includes an exercise bike or elliptical before hitting the weights.

From time to time, Arnold gets his cardio via hiking or riding a bicycle.

He concludes the article by saying that he strives to fit some cardio workouts everyday. Furthermore, he also says that if you want to be lean and live long and healthy, you should put cardio in your workouts.

Arnold is More Than a Bodybuilder

Arnold Schwarzenegger was always more than a bodybuilder, even in his bodybuilding days. Although his build is his most prominent feature, Arnold strives for more than good looks. He strives for good health.

He has always been an advocate for good health and fitness all over the world. He wants everyone to live a healthy life, a fit and fulfilled life.

So it doesn’t seem strange that Arnold is also an advocate for a strong cardio regime. Yes, Arnold did cardio. He did it mainly to lose a few pounds before a contest. But later on he did it to strengthen his heart.

Cardio may not contribute much to building your body. But it does a lot of wonders for keeping you healthy. This is a fact Arnold understood.

Health and Fitness Tips from Arnold

Although the majority of his health and fitness tips are on the topic of weightlifting and bodybuilding (the two areas he’s best at), Arnold also has tips for other forms of exercises. Here are a few of his fitness advice that you can apply in any workout regime, including cardio exercises.

Did Arnold Do Cardio

Train the whole body

Arnold always trains his whole body. And there are a lot of benefits to this.

One benefit is you’ll learn to use your body in harmony. You are training your whole body to work together, as one group. You are training your muscle groups to function as one, symbiotic unit.

Another benefit is that your workouts are more efficient. You don’t have to dedicate different periods of time for one muscle. You can create one routine that effectively targets a lot of muscle groups.

One more benefit is that your body becomes more proportionate, both in size and strength. Do you want monstrous biceps but a sunken chest? How about a powerful upper body combined with a pair of stickly legs?

The principle of training the whole body also covers cardio. Your heart is part of your body. You want a strong heart that can supply the blood to your strong muscles.

Find a workout you have fun with

Easier said than done. Finding a workout you love can take a while. But once that love is sparked, the benefits can last you a lifetime. Arnold became the success that he is because he loved bodybuilding. Can you find the same love for cardio?

If you can get creative enough, you can find ways to do your cardio with fun. How about instead of running around in circles, you go hiking with friends? How about enjoying some countryside scenery on a bike trip?

Exercise with a friend

Studies show that working out with a friend helps you stay on track. It is also known to help you work harder. It helps you get more creative with your workouts, more adventurous, and a lot more consistent.

So if cardio workouts is more of a chore for you, perhaps all you need is a friend. Go deeper and do cardio exercises with a friend that loves cardio. Another study finds that we tend to gravitate towards an exercise that our friends love.

There’s no best way to workout

Health and fitness is like mathematics. There is one result, but there are a lot of ways you can get to that result. As long as you follow the rules and principles of fitness, you will get fit.

As Mr. Schwarzenegger points out in a reddit thread, “there are many ‘right’ answers, especially for people just starting out.” So don’t just stick to the first cardio workout you see on the internet. Try out other exercises. Find the workout you love, or do something you enjoy with a friend.

Did Arnold Do Cardio – Arnold Did, and Does, Cardio, Daily!

Yes, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the most famous Mr. Universe and 7-time winner of Mr. Olympia, did cardio. And he continues to do so.

For those striving to build a better body, don’t forget the unseen muscles. Don’t forget your heart. Cardio may not get you looking like a hunk, but it gets you to live a healthy, fit, and fulfilled life.


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