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Does Wellbutrin Cause Weight Loss?

Wellbutrin is a medication prescribed to help treat severe cases of depression and seasonal affective disorder. It is one of the antidepressants medications, and it is also referred to as its generic name bupropion. The medication can be prescribed with other medications if approved by the doctor.

The effectiveness and side effects of the medications can depend on the individual. Wellbutrin is linked to causing anxiety, but for others, it is used to treat anxiety disorders. Sometimes, Wellbutrin may also cause weight loss. Is this truth or myth? Can you use Wellbutrin to help you lose weight?

Wellbutrin is a medication not anyone should take. Before you decide to take Wellbutrin, consider its effects first. Here is some information you need to know before you use Wellbutrin. 

What is Wellbutrin and What Does it Do? 

Does Wellbutrin Cause Weight Loss

Wellbutrin is an antidepressant medication that targets brain functions. The medication is FDA-approved and safe for use. Currently, it is used on treating depression, seasonal affective disorder, and assisting people in quitting smoking.

Wellbutrin is only available if prescribed by your doctor. Once prescribed, follow the instructions by the doctor or in the label in the bottle. You will also be directed when to use the medication and for how long.

Consult your doctor so that they can determine how much and how often to take the medication. 

Side Effects

Side effects of Wellbutrin include vomiting, headache, constipation, sweating,  joint aches, dizziness, and dry mouth. Their effects are only temporary, but if they are persistent, notify your doctor about it.

The medication has serious side effects on others, but for some, barely any. It is the doctor’s responsibility to ascertain if the medication is good for you or not. Help them by providing them with the feedback they need.

Another side effect of the medication is increased blood pressure. Check your pulse daily and report it back to the doctor. Promptly tell the doctor if you have any of these symptoms:

  • Panic Attacks
  • Severe Headaches
  • Worsened Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Eye swelling, Eye Redness, Blurred Vision
  • Seizure
  • Confusion
  • Fainting
  • Aggressive Behavior
  • Suicidal Thoughts
  • Tremors

These severe side effects are rare, but they do happen. Allergic reactions to Wellbutrin have been noted to cause rash, itching, swelling, and trouble breathing. Even this list doesn’t encompass all the side effects of Wellbutrin.

Some young people may experience suicidal thoughts once taking Welbutrin. If you start having one, contact your family members or your doctor to keep them updated on the situation. The doctor will perform regular visits while you are on the medicine to check up on you. 

If you feel that major discomfort because of the medication, don’t hesitate to call your doctor. 

When Not To Use Wellbutrin

Wellbutrin has been observed to interact with other medications, vitamins, or herbs. The interaction will result in myriads of effects and change the efficacy of the drug. The result of the interaction may reduce the effectiveness or even cause damages.

To help avoid complications, your doctor will have to know all the meds you are currently using. Make sure to tell them about your diet, day-to-day activity, and the vitamins you are intaking.

Here are examples of when not to use Wellbutrin:

Other Medications

Antidepressants Intaking other antidepressants can cause a conflict or will stack up with Wellbutrin. The added chemicals can cause side effects such as seizures. If you need other drugs together with Wellbutrin, the doctor will slowly increase the dosage to give the body time to adapt.

Blood Thinners – Blood thinners can cause your body to doses of Wellbutrin in your body to spike up. Your doctor may need to adjust the dosage to keep the levels low.

Anti-arrhythmics – Wellbrutin with antiarrhythmics can cause side effects such as fainting and slow heartbeats. The dosage also needs to be lowered when using anti-arrhythmic medications.

Alcohol  Wellbrutin, together with too many alcoholic drinks, can induce a seizure. The risks also increase when it’s a habit of drinking alcohol and then you suddenly stop. Talk to your doctor about it.

Certain drugs can decrease the Wellbutrin effectiveness; here are some examples:

Anti-Seizure Drugs – Anti-seizure drugs suppress the effects of Wellbutrin. Your doctor needs to increase the dosage to make the drug work.

HIV Drugs – HIV drugs also suppress the effects of Wellbutrin, and an increased dosage is also required.

Note that Wellbutrin affects each individual differently, and there is no guarantee that you will have any of the effects above. Our article is not a replacement for your doctor. Always ask for professional advice before making a decision that may change your life. 

Health Conditions

If you have any of these health conditions, Wellbutrin is not highly advised. The drug may worsen your current health condition.

  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Eating Disorders
  • Kidney Problems
  • Liver Problems
  • Seizure Disorder

Other Groups

If you also belong to any of these categories, you shouldn’t use Wellbutrin.

  • Pregnant Women
  • When Breastfeeding
  • Seniors
  • Children

Does Wellbutrin Cause Weight Loss? 

Information about Wellbutrin causing weight loss is mixed. Some experience weight fluctuations, other gain weight, and a few lost weight. 

Should You Take Wellbutrin For Weight Loss?

The chances of Wellbutrin causing weight loss are slim. Each body reacts differently to medications. Even if it is effective, Wellbutrin is not specifically designed for weight loss. You are more likely to gain weight than lose it.

Instead, you should opt for weight loss pills to help you in your weight loss journey. But these medications alone do not cause weight loss—no drug is a magic bullet for weight loss. Only through proper diet and exercise that weight loss can happen. Drugs only help it, and it doesn’t do it themselves. 

There are side effects with weight loss medications, but they are mellow compared to Wellbutrin side effects. They are mild, and you will get used to them. 

As always, go to your doctor and consult them about using weight loss medications. Seek professional advice so that you can achieve a long-term solution instead of temporary weight loss.