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Anyone who has a sweet tooth has Oreo on their grocery list. If you love Oreos, there’s no way you can miss out on the chance of grabbing some. The most extreme step is actually looking for a hundred ways to consume Oreos. This leads us to 3 amazing ways someone can prepare for eating oreo!

Eating Oreo is entirely out of this world. Many can eat them more than 20 times a day. Indeed, they are super addictive. They make us feel good and even boost our morale.

We are mostly used to the circular Oreo cookies; however, they can be customized into different shapes, i.e., depending on a particular season. For example, Oreos can be transformed into egg-shaped cookies if there is an Easter celebration. Besides, they can be baked into football cookies during a football season.

I don’t know if it’s only me, but I think their dark chocolate colour and the vanilla cream make them super attractive, drawing many consumers into buying and eating them.

Oreos can seldom miss on many occasions, be it Halloween and birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, and many anniversaries.

Without any doubt, at least everyone likes Oreos to eat, most significantly, the kids.

eating oreo

Eating Oreo By Separating The Two Chocolate Cookies

First and foremost, you need to hold your Oreo accurately. With half of it in each of your fingertips, gently twist your hands in a contrasting manner simultaneously. Or, if you don’t like turning the two halves in opposite directions, you can pull apart the Oreo cookies steadily.

After all that, you’ll end up having one side with full cream while the other with not. From there onwards, it’s up to you how you decide to eat the cookies that way or eat it together with the cream, or whatsoever way you would want it.

The above process may seem/be a bother to a few, that an invention of an Oreo separator was done by a certain man known as David Neevel. It may seem weird to make a machine such as that for a simple process like the one above, but yes, he did it.

You just put your Oreos inside the machine, make it start, and you are good to go. The Oreo cookies come out already separated. Besides, there is a section where the vanilla crème is wholly scraped off inside the machine.

Do You Know How To Eat An Oreo With A Straw?

There are many ways to think of enjoying your Oreo snack using a straw. You can have yourself a cup of either milkshake, yoghurt – these two sound better, or whatever drink of your liking.

Have your Oreos dipped in a cup of milkshake or yoghurt. They will automatically go under and absorb the moisture present. When you drink with your straw, you will taste an Oreo flavour in your drink.

Another option is to break your Oreo cookies into tiny pieces using a rigid material, e.g., a spoon, and then dip them in your drink. It’s almost the same as the first method, only that this time around, you smashed the Oreo into convenient pieces. The beverage will still have the Oreo flavour in it.

If not, you can opt to use a blender, which will slightly ease the process. Put your drink in the blender and add your Oreo cookies to the point you’re satisfied with the thickness of your Oreo drink.

You can also separate the chocolate cookies, then scrape off the cream and put it aside. (not all of it – just enough to fit in a straw). Afterwards, place your straw in the middle of the passage you created on the vanilla crème. Then attach the other cookie to the strawed cookie and gently bind them using the crème that you had pulled off.  Now, this is set to be inserted in a glass of milk and readily savoured.

Do You Know How To Eat An Oreo With Milk?

eating oreo

Well, it’s easier to dip a fork of Oreo than a spoon it. Okay, but not that easy. If you fork the cookie in a rush way, it will end up crushing inside your glass of drink. You surely don’t want that, do you?

You have to be keen on inserting the fork into the vanilla crème. Make sure it sticks well. Go on and dip it inside your drink – it’s known as dunking. Milk is a perfect drink for this task. With this method, you avoid dirt as much as possible, unlike dunking using your hand, which is another choice you may prefer.

So when drinking, consider the time factor since you don’t want to lose your cookie in the drink. Otherwise, what would you be enjoying? One to two seconds is reasonable enough.

Generally, this is the most preferred method – dunking Oreo cookies, which people feel they enjoy their Oreos.

Eating Oreos in all these possible ways is not a must anyway – but if you love Oreos, make sure you don’t miss out on trying these recipes. There is no recommended method for this. Separating your Oreo cookies, who said it is a must? Just eat them as they are. I don’t do that because eating the scraped cream sometimes gives me a nauseous feeling.

Using a straw to enjoy your Oreo – that is just for fun! Many would find it very unnecessary, and you can’t blame them for that.

It goes the same for drinking. One would reason what’s the need for the fork etc. if I could bite the Oreo and sip it down with the milk. It’s never that serious, do not take it personally, though.

Eating Oreo, The Conclusion

Oreo cookie is probably my best of all biscuits in the world. The most versatile of cookies is the Oreo biscuits. When eating Oreo, would you consider yourself a dunker, splitter, or sucker? Everyone has their style, and it doesn’t mean there is a proper way of eating them.

Some munch them whole together with a glass of milk. Others rotate the cookies in opposite directions to have a side with a tasty filling and the other with no. Then they eat them separately as they are. The rest prefer mixing their milk with either ice cream or chocolate, then putting their cookies inside and drinking it that way or using a straw.

Well, sugar is powerfully addictive, and so are Oreos. It doesn’t mean we munch them uncontrollably. Let’s have a limit on their consumption since excessive sugar is harmful to our health.


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