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Female Bulking Before And After

Bulking and cutting are some very common terms that are used around in GYMs and fitness centers. Many athletic lifestyle YouTubers, trainers, and other gym members might frequently use these terms, and it’s always important what it means. Essentially, bulking involves gaining weight that you can turn into muscle, by cutting, working out, or dieting. Now, each gender handles this differently and this is due to the biological differences between both sexes. So, you might be wondering what female bulking before and after looks like? Well, there is a lot to know about it.

Keep in mind, anything related to fitness should be consulted with a trainer, or gym staff before going forward. There are online tutorials for beginners that might be helpful, and based on feedback, you can get a good idea of how reliable those are, and how it affected different people.

Female Bulking Before And After

Female bulking before and after!

Essentially, the gist of female bulking before and after is this; If you are someone that wants to gain some muscle and are interested in weight-lifting or other athletic challenges, then this is something you will be interested in. For the most part, it might be surprising that certain women want to gain weight, but the idea is the same for men, that the weight will be converted into muscle, and the additional fat gain isn’t of much concern

Bulking and cutting for females – Explained

So, to understand bulking and cutting for females, we have to go through the process. Essentially, if you are someone that is interested in weight lifting, or athletically demanding sports, and want to be in a shape that is required for these, there is a good chance you will need to build muscle.

Now, for many women, the body frame is usually lower than required to gain muscle, which is why bulking is something that is required for the body to put on weight that is then converted into muscle. So, first off, to know where you stand in this process, you need to calculate what is known as the body fat percentage. This value accounts for the ratio of fat and muscle in your body and the core parameter for the bulking and cutting process.

This means that there is a certain value or range of values that you need to attain to know when you have had enough of the bulking process. Likewise, there is a value, and range of values to know when it is time to stop the cutting process.

Female bulking cycle – Important Information

For females, the bulking cycle starts and ends when you have reached the body fat percentage value of 25-26%. This means that you have gained enough weight that it can easily be converted into muscle without additional weight gain. Keep in mind that if you go above these, there is an added problem of weight gain, which is more than you need and you won’t get the lean muscles you normally would want with the bulking and cutting process.

During the bulking process, you will eat all sorts of high-calorie food, and you will notice an increase in body mass, but as we mentioned above, until you reach that certain value, you don’t need to worry about putting on extra weight. This can be a bit paradoxical for many people since women normally want to lose weight because of weird societal standards, but the truth and fact are, many women like to partake in weightlifting, bodybuilding, and athletic activities, which require them to put on weight so they can shred that and turn it into muscle.

Female Bulking Before And After

How to cut after bulking – The Next Step

Now, you may be wondering how to cut after bulking, and this is the next step. After you have reached this value, you will now enter the cutting phase, and start a calorie deficit.

This means that you will be eating less, and working out to burn the calories and fat. This involves a lot of exercises, but the main thing is cardio, and for most women who have already gone into this intending to make muscle, this is the real meat of the process. 

Now, after you have started doing cardio, and are on a calorie deficit, you will notice how the fat and extra mass is now turning into muscle. This will be in the shape of various muscles all over your body, and you will get those muscular abs. This means that you are becoming stronger, and can seriously look into weight-lifting and other athletically demanding activities. 

After enough cutting, your body fat percentage will lower, and it is recommended that you stop cutting when you reach the 16-18% value. This is when your body has defined muscles, and you will feel a lot stronger. Going below this is not recommended, and can cause nutritional problems, which is the opposite of staying healthy and fit.

Now, again, we recommend that you either go to the gym, hire a trainer, and get professional help in this process, since they can help you develop a body that is powerful and athletic.

Female Bulking Before And After Conclusion

So, what is the major difference one sees during female bulking before and after they have completed the entire process? Well, it is first important to understand what these two terms mean, and how they shape a person’s diet and workout routine.

Bulking involves eating and gaining enough weight to get a certain value of the body fat percentage. Once that value has been reached, the female individual can now focus on the cutting section and start losing weight by being on a strict diet, and cardio.

After you reach a certain value in the lower end of the body fat percentage, it is time to resume a normal diet, and exercise regime, that is independent of both bulking cutting. Women that go through this process become far more powerful and build a lot of muscle, which is lean and helps in athletic activities.


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