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Health Benefits of Eating Sushi: Happiness and Wellness in a Roll

the eating benefits of sushi

I love eating Japanese food! Or, better yet, anything in Asia is something I would always be down to try! Well, for Japanese cuisine specifically, I find them very delectable, and the bursting flavours of herbs and spices create fireworks of feast and happiness in my mouth. Eating right and healthy is one of my personal goals this year, not only because it is upright and just, but to strengthen my body defences against certain viruses and sicknesses that are quite prevalent everywhere.

In most cases, I love eating a fusion of dishes and a variety of food cuisines that satisfy my indifferent cravings. I remember eating in a restaurant recently. I discovered their unique mix of sumptuous sushi that I instantly fell in love with! Its made of fresh Japanese rice mixed with sugarcane vinegar, a wholesome cut of fresh fish, and a crispy nori wrapper that spells out deliciousness and enticing gastronomic treat! There and then, I wanted to be a little selfish and probably have more.

However, something inside me wants to know how sushi consumption can positively affect the body? Are there any health benefits of eating sushi? I love eating some famous staples like sashimi, tempura, ramen, chicken and beef tonkatsu, and maybe many others. But there’s something about sushi that drives me insane!

First, we all should agree that Japanese food is exquisitely healthy and made with fresh ingredients. Their dishes even consist of food-grade alcoholic spirits used as aromatics and meat tenderizers. So, how is sushi considered healthy? How do we know we know loving sushi will also be good for the body?

1. It’s the food for the “Romance Empire.”

Yes, indeed. I’m talking about romance with full reference to that beating organ, the heart of humans! Heart health is our main concern each time we devour food that contains several spices, fatty contents, and ingredients that may result in a sudden rise in blood pressure which can lead to heart diseases or worse, a heart attack. And with sushi on our side, heart ailments can be at bay due to the healthy amino acids found in the fresh and tender fish inside the roll.

Some sushi masters in Japan and in other places use fresh fish variants like tuna, sardines, or even salmon in their preparations. The fish they use contain Omega 3, a well known essential fatty acid that nourishes the heart to prevent certain cardiovascular diseases. Healthy sushi consumption is a good way to grab a hearty dose of this good amino acid to keep your heart healthy.

2. It’s a brain-boosting wonder.

My mom consistently served nuts and other food for the brain meals back when I was little. Some of them were pretty tasty, some tasted a little smutty. She would narrate that we need to feed the brain with the right nutrients to keep it up and healthy. It can also help the brain do well with academics. I doubted what she was saying at first, then eventually gave in and changed my mind. There’s no harm in looking for healthy food, right? After all, it was for my own good.

Kidding aside, eating foods rich in brain-enhancing factors can help develop fast learning, concentration, decision-making skills, and good memory retention. The eating benefits of sushi can give you a vast supply of proteins and vital nutrients found mainly in fish. These are responsible for brain cell repair and nourishment. 

3. The ultimate natural stimulant.

Seriously, hold up. We are not talking about drugs here! Being happy and always on a good cheer reflects your lifestyle and perspective as a whole. Humans are packed with emotions, and these emotions can feel like you’re up on cloud nine or sailing the roughest seas – there’s really no telling! What you feel, you feel.

Certain events that cause loneliness and sadness will create a sudden impact on one’s mental health. Nearly a thousand people battle depression and other complicated mental issues around the world. 

Seeking professional help and taking the right drugs and therapy can help to treat and manage them. But, doesn’t it pay fairly if we get to avoid these kinds of setbacks in the first place? Yes, sushi’s beneficial components like vitamin D, zinc, and magnesium can regulate certain brain chemicals responsible for these certain feelings of happiness and sanity.

Now, this is your queue to fill yourself with some self-loving food. You can enslave your time munching this treat all day as it can boost your mood and positively impact your mental health. Whatever you choose to be today, make sure being happy is part of it.

4. The skin-perfecting secret.

Women are particularly keen about their looks, age, and their skin. Whether a simple damsel or a high maintenance chick, lady’s often look in the mirror and heave a deep sigh referring to the unwanted sight of crows feet, fine lines, and stubborn wrinkles.

These are obtained due to age, climate and seasons, fatigue, poor skincare regimen, and even poor consumption of skin-nourishing food. Proteins, lycopene, amino acids, and oxidation inhibitors found in sushi are widely known as the skin’s best friend. These nutrients aid in cellular damage repair, elasticity, and clarity of your skin.

Sushi’s skin-perfecting benefits are highly recognized by nutritionists and dermatologists that push for the all-natural and less side effect methods of keeping your skin smooth, soft, and supple.

5. Be the invincible victor.

Keeping your immune system strong and staying healthy as well is a vital responsibility of every person. Given the pandemic period, we should increase our immunity and avoid exposure to certain bacteria and viruses that cripple our health. Aside from following proper hygiene and clean everything as soon as we get home, food plays a vital role to making sure our body is fit and healthy.

Sushi consumption can increase our body’s mechanism to fight infections and inflammatory reactions. This is because of the wholesome, and all in one roll of vitamin riched vegetables, calcium and protein-rich meat, carbohydrates, and good fatty acids wrapped in a healthy and mouth-watering dish.

Good digestion, stronger bones, healthy joints and muscles, and a perfect 10 immunity are some of the sushi goodness that you can enjoy in a healthy platters feast.

Good food means a good mood. I was raised to believe that eating healthy and grabbing a bite of sumptuous meals every day can preserve and promote wellness, healing, and overall body resistance.

sushi's beneficial components

Health Benefit of Eating Sushi Conclusion

We can eat a variety of meals that can satisfy such cravings but keep in mind the helpful benefits that you gain. The health benefits of eating sushi are surprisingly great as it meets the daily nutrition requirements and fulfils the sudden hunger for complete comfort food that you can have and even prepare with a breeze.

You can eat them in a fancy sushi bar, restaurants, and even at a night food market. But I would go for a fresh, wholesome, and unadulterated homemade sushi made by my husband’s skilful hands wrapped with so much love and happiness!

What’s your healthy go-to meal when you want a boost of healthy?


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