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Why Everyone Has the Itch to Play Hockey – A Summary of Health Benefits of Hockey

Hockey is a sport well-loved by western culture. It is originated in Canada and was then formally introduced in England for its first official game. (FIH n.d.) Is by far one of the most popular sports you either play in the field, on ice around winter seasons and underwater. Playing sports is generally associated with fitness and good health that’s why Hockey will always be a part of the brood. It is played by a team of hockey players adorned with their great hockey gears like protector pads for shins, knees, and shoulders, headgears, gloves, skates, and that neck and crotch guards.

Surely, playing hockey develops sportsmanship and teamwork. But what are the different health benefits of hockey? Are they all similar, or has their unique fitness and healthy scores? Hold your hockey sticks as we reveal the best physiological and health benefits of hockey.

Health Benefits of Hockey

hockey's health benefits
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1. Heart Health

Our heart serves as the main powerhouse of the human body, just like the brain and other internal body organs that function non-stop. Its main responsibility is to pump oxygenated blood from the lungs carried to our different parts of the body to thrive. Unknowingly, playing hockey, in particular, provides honest to goodness heart health benefits that contributes to better circulation and oxygen supply of the body. Ice, field, and water hockey are great cardio workouts for people who undeniably love active sports and adventure. The added obstacle course from the weather just like with ice hockey and the combat-filled underwater scene with water hockey games are our perfect cardiovascular routine. It helps to regulate the cardiac rate and normal pulse counts.

2. Metabolic and Digestion benefits.

A lot of people suffer from indigestion and slow metabolism disorder that leads to weight problems and increased chances of feeling bloated and discomfort. Our sedentary lifestyle still haunts the best of our prime years as we live in an era where fast-food chains, preservatives, and unhealthy means of consumption persists in the name of economic and business-related gains. I’m a self-confessed fast-food junkie, and I can’t help eating preservative-filled meals yet oh so yummy treats! I always see the bright side of its convenience as it is ready to eat during my busy days, the taste because I think I haven’t tasted any awful fast-food meals, to be honest, and the price that almost anyone can afford. So how does playing hockey plays its role here? Simple. The locomotive action and intense workout from the game increase the metabolical rate of a person and speed up the level of digestion. Hence, the proper food absorption took place and creates positive management of your weight and wellness through games of hockey. 

3. Full Workout.

Exercising gives you that extra dose of “ I am alive” feeling simply by perspiring and having your muscles and joints work their way to a tougher, bolder, and leaner version of your self. Hockey’s health benefits give myriads of positive effects from head to toe. You get your whole body working and creates amazing coordination of the senses like the eyes and other body parts like the hands, legs, and your torso. It is an all in one activity where you get great results and the feeling of competition in its friendly form. 

4. Mood lifting. 

I guess even the loner people would agree that at a certain point in your life, you need to socialize or just plainly have the will to find stuff that gives you a jolt of happiness and companion. Working or playing with a team of people with the same interests contributes to a better mood and outlook about life. Playing hockey will allow you to mingle and build a friendship that can even last up to the last strand of your hair. People who socialize and have the means of sharing their thoughts, aspirations, and even frustrations are believed to have more stable brain chemicals that produce happy hormones. This results in a better disposition, mental state, and perspective about love and friendship.

5. Mind Enhancing Factors.

If you are playing with a team that aims to win and outsmart the opponents, chances are, the plans and the strategies are not only placed on the Coach’s shoulders. Everyone must have the best decision-making skills to apply the skills and strategies that your team created to finish the race with flying colors. You have to think and use your best potential on how you can create and attack or defend your sides to beat the other side of the fence. Fast and effective thinking is being sharpened like a lousy wooden pencil. You need to be sharp, reliable, and smart in the game of Hockey. The younger generation of today prefers games and sports with no repetitive routines and boring phases, as they are much more interested to try intense, fast-paced, and thrilling activities altogether. On a positive note, these choices lead to independence, decisiveness, and willpower.

6. Self Esteem and Confidence.

Believing in one’s talents and capabilities is still one of the major personal issues of humans. They say that this perspective is sometimes due to lack of support, upbringing in the family, the influence of peers and toxic situations, and or even the presence of naysayers and critics. Self-doubts and timidity are often seen with people who disengaged from crowds like their family and friends to safely blanket themselves from harsh remarks and opinionated people who blow off their bubble. That is why, sports like Ice hockey plays a critical role in building self-awareness, confidence, and trust. You get to believe in your inner powers to conquer and dominate even the slightest thing of fear and threats. You get to have positive vibrations and channel good vibes that create the best of impressions and memories. 

wellness through games of hockey
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Health Benefits of Hockey Summary

As I said, the health benefits of hockey games are still a long way to enumerate. But the bottom line is that each sport contributes to better health and personal advantages. Recreations and hobbies are important and must be done once in a while to combat idle and unproductive hours. We all have that sports designed to our age, built, present health conditions, and vitality just to enjoy life at its fullest!


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