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My New Diet Harmony: Health Benefits of Hominy

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I recently tried replacing my rice and bread with oats and grains. I have gone to the doctor’s and I wasn’t really glad about the results I had after I underwent bloodwork and a series of tests.

My lifestyle and my weight these days took a toll on my health, and I need to regain my old health regimen to save myself from falling into the pit. I just can’t be sick! So I went to the groceries and roamed around the whole store to find something good and healthy. I was at the bread and oats section and I noticed a box full of corn-like stuff underneath the shelves.

I saw this very familiar bag of dried corn kernels! I remember having them for a snack and mum’s using them to cook different meals. I guess hominy can make you feel at home. I grab a bag of three and I’m really curious how to make them for dinner. So, how do the health benefits of hominy help people?

What is it? A Quick Look Into the Guilt-free Hominy Indulgence

Originally, hominy is a  Mexican’s staple food. These are corn kernels dried and some parts like the skin and the germ were removed. They become more soft and edible, and a great addition for several dishes after having them ground or powdered. Mom would serve them with our favorite tacos, burritos, and even with staple dishes for lunches and dinners. It goes well with cheese, tomatoes, greens, and works best as a soup thickener. Hominy is safe to eat and largely use in home cooking. So how can this tiny scoop of stuff helps you to be healthy? Let’s count the ways.

Health Benefits of Hominy

Hominy is diabetic friendly. – according to CDC, almost 9 percent of the world’s population suffers from diabetes and blood sugar-related ailments. (Statista n.d.) Excess consumption of sugar and high carbohydrates content primarily causes diabetes. This can lead to other severe health conditions like neuropathies, blindness, heart disease, kidney failure, and nerve damage. Hominy is known to have the lowest sugar content and acts as a sugar inhibiting compound. You can have a bowl for a sumptuous breakfast, have them as grits for snacks, or you can try traditional health nourishing hominy recipes.

Hominy is just divine. – In our world where fast-paced living, people opt to try instant, ready to eat, and all that fast foodstuff. Subconsciously, we consume above-average sodium, saturated fats, preservatives, and other unhealthy food components found with commercially available meals.

Hominy can be a great substitute for all these as it contains good carbs, less fat, and was found to have properties that help against obesity. It’s a guilt-free hominy indulgence and can be mixed with your favorite snacks or entirely by itself. So stack them up on your pantry and throw away the bad stuff. I just found some in canned variants, packed in bags, and some brands that are highly recommended in the market.

It’s a great sweeper. – Hate those days where you sit on your throne and things just went idle? Feel you. I suffer from indigestion and constipation most days. I feel so slacking off and my bloated stomach just can’t get any better.

Partly my fault for consuming too many fried and greasy snacks. Ideally, fruits and greens can help to push down the load.  With hominy, it’s rich in fiber and low in calories. Fiber acts like a magical broom that removes unwanted food residue build-up in the tummy down the gut to keep things easy.

This can help to maintain good digestion and proper food absorption to attain body resistance and other healthful benefits from hominy. Unknowingly, fiber can make you less hungry and can cut down cravings. Hence, a natural way to lose weight and maintain your ideal mass index. Gone are days of trying diet pills, going under the knife, and other dangerous weight loss methods that not only have side effects but can also cost a fortune.

A is to apple, B is to Hominy. – I was once a swimmer back in my junior days and I remember how my coach distinctively asked everyone to grab a banana before diving in. She said that it will keep us more active and energized with its vitamin B content. I wasn’t sure, but following orders won’t hurt. Fast forward, I established the habit of having my portions every single day.

And now I found a great substitute. Hominy is rich in B vitamins that have lots of wonders to offer. B vitamins are responsible for cellular repair, boost energy, aids with good eye health, joints, and ligament lubrication, and further brain development for kids. I always knew that an apple a day keeps sicknesses at bay, but the healthy consumption of hominy adds more fun to the wellness process. I have read amazing recipes to make it more delectably delicious. You can mix it with porridge, stews, soups, cereals, bread, spreads, and anything you can with your imagination. 

guilt-free hominy indulgence

Health Benefits of Hominy Summary

Honestly, keeping your self in a tiptop shape and sound health can be very tricky. The influence of a sedentary lifestyle, environment, and even the economical status of living can deprive the body of its needed nutrition. We are sometimes compelled to eat what we find tasty rather the good. It’s like convenience over natural, commercial over homemade, healthy versus fast food, and other never-ending bad options. The health benefits of hominy can truly change someone’s perspective of eating well.

It is easy to prepare, widely available, economical, and can mix well with our favorite meals and snacks. It’s an overall health companion to reduce cholesterol levels, regulate sugar, keeps the gut healthy, and helps to boost metabolism rate. It’s a great kitchen staple to have. I just found out that it’s great for baked recipes too since you buy some in flour like composition. Make cornbreads, pizza doughs, tasty tortilla chips, even some puddings, and dumplings a breeze.

Hominy can definitely help to sustain the body’s need for minerals and nutrients that are natural and with no known side effects. Truly, nature has given its splendid gifts of goodness that we can eat, drink, and use as daily living essentials. It’s up to us how to make them flourish and utilize them properly.


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