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Having No Kids? Non-Parenting 101: A Look into the Health Benefits of Not Having a Child

Being child-free can depict an array of labels from the modern society of today. It creates an impact on the emotional and social aspect of people who preferred to be with no kids, and for those who by bad luck, or with no capability, can’t seem to have a baby.

health-associated benefits of not having a child

Building and raising a family is a social expectation and deemed as a moral obligation to further spread or grow the lineage of families. You get married and have kids, raise them and provide for them, and lead them to a way of life you knew that is best for them.

Such a classic parenting cycle, isn’t it? But for some reasons, some people prefer to live their lives like a book on a shelf. They choose the convenience of having the luxury of time, space, and the ability to do whatever they want to. I can’t even say that it’s such a selfish idea.

People are different, and we have various goals and perspectives about stuff and life. Everything has its pros and cons that we have to deal with as we exist. As I see many people who embraced the no kid life, I wondered, is it worth it? What are the health benefits of not having a child?

You sail in a smooth sea

A life without worries is a dream for many. Living on your terms and spending your time however you want is quite a privilege. Way back, people would just be contented with having a happy home, a great big family, and a job that shall sustain everyone. But gone were the days where women sing happily while doing tons of dishes and men make proud of themselves with wood skills and paints.

People have gotten to be more career-driven and ambitious. They aim for the skies and the pot of gold beyond rainbows. Hence, the perception of having kids will cut their rope. I remember attending my son’s school assembly, and I had the chance to meet other parents. I saw some moms my age, bringing their younger kids along.

Seeing them frustratedly pushing the baby cart, carrying the baby bag, and attending to their pre-school-aged child brings out the crow’s feet in them. Not to mention the constant tantrums and cries I have heard.

I believe that parenting is unique, and no similar techniques can be definite. So with people who opted to be child-free, they chose the smooth ride, rather than sailing the rough seas of parenting and responsibilities.

No late night nappy changes, making of formulas, breastfeeding for hours, constantly worry about what they eat, and the rest goes on and on. They say one of the biggest beneficial factors of being childfree is that you live a stress-free life away from the pinpoints of having to raise and sustain a child’s need.

Studies show that the mental state of a child-free person has significant stability and coherence than that of a person with a child. Stressors like financial problems, health issues, and the need to provide related to parenting aren’t really present to create triggers of emotional distress to a person who lives by himself.

Normal cardiac rhythm, below normal blood pressure and stable pulse, can be observed. It’s not an implication that having kids is indeed a stressful thing.

On a positive note, a home is much brighter and happier with the presence of little rascals running around the sprawling gardens, throwing some pillow fights, and spilling some milk and drawing some crayons around the walls of your house. But as for couples who chose to stop the hatch, they can live life orderly and free from the worries of what the future may behold for them. 

You get to see dusk and dawn longer

Women, in particular, are greatly impacted by the process of having to bear a child. Not to mention the pregnancy blues, 9 months of carrying the baby inside the womb, and other demands of pregnancy that can take a toll on her mental and physical health. It was, later on, found that women who bear kids lose at least 95 weeks of life span duration according to a recent study by the American Journal of Human Biology.

Meanwhile, women who prefer to get passed with motherhood, harness the significant benefits of being child-free longevity, an active lifestyle, do sports and focus more on their gains and matters. Men who are still in the “I don’t have a dad bod” zone, are far keener to maintain a fit and chiselled body since they can have all the time in the world to hit the gym and get rowdy.

Bottom line is, people or couples who remain child-free are more focused on the present state and can generally have time to arrange priorities and goals. We just can’t have the right prejudice about not wanting to have a child due to career, health issues like infertility, or even the fear of responsibilities.

Going far beyond this option amongst a married couple or single individuals spell complexities and certain compromises. But overall, the health-associated benefits of not having a child can mean a different kind of peace, wellness, and most especially, undeterred high maintenance lifestyle. Stress can be on the mute levels since you don’t get to deal with parental anxieties the most parents experienced.

The fear of not being able to provide for your kids can result in sleepless nights, irritability, fatigue, and mood drops. These stress-inducing factors may lead to a rise in your blood pressure, palpitations, panic, and even nutritional issues. Again, it’s a case to case basis. People differ in economic status, the capacity to handle struggles, and the presence of support. 

beneficial factors of being childfree

Health Benefits of Not Having a Child Summary

In this life, the family will always be the most certain and integral part of a person. But the word family can be expanded into several contexts that don’t merely comprise a dad, a mom, and children.

Friends can be a family, colleagues can turn to a family, and anybody who makes you feel loved and at home. The decision of not bearing kids isn’t a selfish act. Others may have considered their present financial situation, marital issues, and perhaps their recent medical condition as to why they went with no children by choice.

The health benefits of not having a child are somehow viewed in a different facet by most who think that childbearing is a crucial role in life. But in general, you get the cards to decide when and how you should become a parent. It is something that you should be prepared for, and something that you can embrace full stop.


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