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Health Benefits of Salsa, The Ultimate Food Powerhouse in a Jar

Ever since the pandemic started, my family has become a lot keener with everything that we shop for groceries up to the meals we consume daily. Who wouldn’t? I can frankly say that wellness and good health were far more significant aside from your Netflix and playlists these days.

healthy and beneficial salsa

Yet, most people weren’t that aware of an integral part of making your body and your immune system fit as a fiddle. Many doctors and health advocates constantly remind the public of observing precautions, proper usage of facemasks, physical isolation, and so much more of this Covid outbreak protocols.

Thank goodness, I discovered a miracle in a jar that can keep all these sicknesses at bay! Have you heard about the health benefits of Salsa? Well, I guess a true blue condiment sentinel can attest to its glorious taste and its beneficial wonders for the body. It can boost your appetite and bridge the gap between snacking and consuming healthful dishes.

Met It for Its Flavour but Stayed for the Health Benefits of Salsa

As a kid and up until today, I was so fond of snacking in between meals and I love having dips and sauces readily available every time I eat. I love fried dishes like chicken, fish, potatoes, and even bean curds. I used to spread and even squeeze a liberal amount of gravy, ketchup, and even white mayonnaise to satisfy my taste.

It was later this year after attending my friend’s party before the Covid outbreak that I discovered the good benefits of eating salsa. And believe me, I was smitten and went on board with creating my homemade version from fresh tomatoes, ripened mangoes, and a little twist of cucumbers, bell peppers, onions, and few capsicums for a tangy taste.

The best part is, it can go well with anything on your plate. I eat and serve it with chips like nachos and tacos whenever I feel like grabbing something Mexican, baked fish with marble potatoes, fried chicken strips with broccoli, and turns a piece of plain bread into a fiesta! I saw several store-bought canned and jarred salsa brands in the market that are quite good and handy for some quick bite and parties, but I still opt for my natural, fresh, healthy and beneficial salsa recipe.

Salsa Preparation: Get Creative!

I choose fresh vegetables like tomatoes to create my solid base. I was a huge tomato fan back when I a kid. I knew that it’s packed with so many nutrients for the body and my skin. But what makes the health-boosting salsa? I guess all the components are a fusion of hearty, tasty, and healthful delight.

I have read great recipes from spicy, classic, cooked, and raw varieties that are so easy to make. I made a few experiments and played with my ingredients like pineapples, radishes, black peppers, olives, and even added a little bit of yogurt for a creamy and unique taste.

It can be a great substitute for salads and vegetable side dishes whenever you cook something fried, baked, broiled, and even steamed meats and seafood. I keep it handy in a jar or a plastic storage container that I can simply grab in the fridge for some snacking and meals for lunches and even dinners.

My family just love its fresh and bursting flavors! I can remember how my eldest child asked me to cook his favorites nuggets and paired them with his jar of salsa. 

Economical but Health-Boosting Salsa

Economically, it is by far one of the easy to prepare and cheap kitchen must-haves ideally for people who wants organic and plant-based condiments. Apart from that, the nutritional benefits of this saucy condiment complement a lot of our needs for vitamins, fiber, and hydrating agents.

I’m a wise mother when it comes to nutritional facts and calorie counters, so I do a brief scan of those food contents whenever I shop to fill our pantry with some goods. I love making meals from scratch and making this dip does so many wonders in the kitchen. And did I mention that eating salsa by itself is a feast? And speaking of wonders? How do we benefit from this popular dip? 

Fiber and More: The Wonders of Healthy and Beneficial Salsa

Salsa is known to be fiber riched and less in sugar and salt. But the salty part depends on how one’s taste and preference are met. Overall, it is plant-based and free from oils and preservatives so it makes a great partner for people who aim for controlled fat intake.

The main ingredients like tomatoes are known to contain Omega 3 compounds and Lycopene that helps for the heart’s full function and vitality. These good fatty acids and minerals benefit the skin, brain, heart, joints, and major organs for your optimum health.

The hydration factor we get from tomatoes, mangoes, and cucumbers help to maintain proper blood circulation, skin moisture, and strong joints and ligaments in the body. According to some Nutritionists and Food bloggers, Low sodium salsa can help regulate blood pressure and maintain cholesterol levels.

Mangoes, bell peppers, chilis, capsicums, and such ingredients contain vitamins, amino acids, and necessary minerals that boost the immune system to fight dreadful infections and inflammations causing series of ailments.

The best part of it is that it can be stored at room temperature and can last for a few good days or even weeks. I guess more and more people are being conscious of the serious effects of preservatives and added chemicals that are harmful to one’s health.

My friend even introduced this dip as her weight loss element that helps to promote good digestion and detoxification. You see, I’m greatly impressed and rooting for this miracle in a jar. 

health-boosting salsa

Health Benefits of Salsa Summary

We all have our unique tastes and preference when it comes to food and preparation methods. But what is more important is that we must consider using fresh and natural ingredients that can help us attain stronger immunity.

I let my children eat a few junk foods once in a while, but I take it seriously in terms of feeding them wholesome and nutritious meals every day. As I said, we can find great substitutes for those processed food found in the groceries. All we need is just a few creativity and willingness to go healthy.

The health benefits of salsa can greatly meet the dietary and nutritional needs of everyone by simply adding a portion to your daily meals. Plus, you can keep them handy for a quick bite anytime and anywhere! 


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