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Health Benefits of Strawberry Leaves The Miracle Leaves of Aunt Welly

I have grown as a coffee lover, and I almost consume around 3 to 5 cups in a day. I guess it is a habit where I get so much pulse and stayed awake even in the middle of the night. There was a time where I went to see my dear aunt in the country, and I brought her several bags of coffee beans for her to brew and enjoy great booze of caffeine, especially during early mornings.

the goodness of strawberry leaves

I was so excited and glad that I can finally see her old yet beautiful cottage where I mostly spent my summer holidays back in the 90s. I came just in time, and we had a great laugh and chatter together with our favorite meals she cooked dearly. Nighttime blanketed the place and seeing the moonlight glow at her porch, I ask her to sit down for a while as we feel the icy wind and get a sip of our preferred evening tea.

I expected her to serve the old time’s sake chamomile set, but I have noticed a tangy, fruity, and sweet taste that was quite a stranger to my mouth. I ask her, and she said it was the strawberry leaves tea. I was so curious and got amazed by the wonderful concoction. I then asked her about the health benefits of strawberry leaves as we share the same moonlit sky.

1. Strawberry leaves make the best army.

The scent of strawberries is widely known as very feminine and delectably sweet. That’s why it is one of the best perfume scents that most perfumers use to create a vibrant and youthful fragrance for women.

While the luscious taste of the fruit makes it a great dessert or main flavorings for cakes, smoothies, ad even with bread. But do you know that this sweet berry has potent benefits from the leaves which helps to fight infections and reduce inflammations?

The antioxidant properties of the leaves when taken create natural immunity and body defense compounds to combat the spread of bacterial infections in the body. You can enjoy the soothing and calming effect of the leaves by having it brewed, and serve it plain or add a few concoctions like honey, milk, or mint.

2. It guards you off from too much pleasantness.

You read it right. We all love sweet little things like desserts and some comfort foods that cause blood sugar elevation. It’s the sweet fatal truth, isn’t it? Too much sugar and excess carbs consumption can lead to certain medical and metabolic conditions like diabetes.

With the goodness of strawberry leaves, we can calm the tides by religiously drinking a cup of tea leaves every day. Not only that you get to enjoy the sweet fruity taste of the brewed delight, but harness the natural insulin-regulating effects of the leaves.

The berries are also guilt-free when it comes to snacking as it only contains ample amount of natural sugar levels which is good for the body.

3. It takes away the bad stuff.

These are the common facts associated with old age. High blood pressure, heart diseases, and even joint pains. Aunt Welly has it all, she said. It has become her saving grace and her refuge.

The mere fact that she suffers all kinds of bad stuff creates a pang of pain in me. But she regained her cool by stating that these leafy wonders of strawberry helped her cope because the goodness in a cup can promote cardiac health, lubricated and strong joints, and regulates her cholesterol and blood pressure issues.

She sounded gallantly fine as she explained that the leaves do wonders with the blood vessels of the body to improve blood flow and decrease the chance of vein blockages that can cause swelling, stroke, and even worse complications. Now I can be at peace for her.

4. You can still wear that dress from 3 years ago.

Believe me, it’s such huge envy when people who eat more doesn’t even get a single added line on the scale! Maybe it is with their metabolism, isn’t it? I admit I eat a lot and I get frustrated after.

I guess I’m one of the few poor little things that gain a pound by just a sniff of something yum! It’s so hard to put myself on a strict meal plan due to busy work schedules, deadlines, craving issues, and unhealthy eating habits I had. All these sentiments I shared with my aunt made her so fed up.

She advised me to move on and embrace a new affair of losing with the super health benefits strawberry leaves. It has been known that junk food consumption, which I was found guilty of, increases the body’s chance of accumulating excess sodium, saturated fats, and bad cholesterol levels.

So how do the leaves save you from the death pit? Strawberries are less in sugar content, low in calories, and rich in fiber. Fiber is one of the best components of nature’s natural gift when it comes to keeping our gut spik and span, making the tummy healthy, and regulates the excretion of harmful toxins inside the body.

This mechanism helps you to shed extra pounds and few centimeters on your waist! It’s a great weight-loss companion for everyone. As for aunt Welly, she indulges in a cup of tea made from the leaves alongside a few dainty berries after lunch and dinner. These help to digest the food properly and fast, preventing the feeling of a full bloated stomach. 

potent benefits from leaves

Health Benefits of Strawberry Leaves Summary

The night is still young, and we finished the cups with a smile. I realized that this lady wasn’t getting any younger. Yet she was like a book that kept me firmly hooked with her content.

I think I will visit here more often. I was amazed by the health benefits of strawberry leaves. I might ask her to pick some for me and pack them as I will soon be back in the city. From now on, I will replace my caffeine with these hearty brews.

It felt so home today with my aunt. I just felt good and hopeful. Truly, elder people can walk you through to great wisdom and tranquil paths.


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