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Whether you are diagnosed with diabetes or you’re a borderline diabetic, you face days when your blood sugar is high – you just know. One of the most alarming symptoms of having high blood sugar is the tiresome urge to go back to bed. This leads you to try and figure out why you are going through such symptoms, “why is blood sugar high in the morning?”

Why Is Blood Sugar High In The Morning? List Of All Factors Affecting Sugar Levels

high blood sugar in the morning

Blood sugar control is the name of the game when it comes to managing diabetes, but what happens when you get unexpectedly high blood sugar levels in the morning? What is it that causes your blood sugar levels to rise in the morning? What can you do to control these spikes? How often you see high blood sugar in the morning depends on what you do with it. Would you like to know the answer? Then let’s explore these factors we have summed up for you.

‘Why my blood sugar is high in the morning?’ This is one of the most frequently asked questions in the medical forums on the internet. This further implies that people want to get informed about the issue. Analysis and investigations on diabetes proclaim various determinants.

The complete list of factors includes the dawn phenomenon, weather, hormones, diet and lifestyle. This article describes it straightforwardly and clearly to understand and follow.

Complete List Of Factors For High Blood Sugar In The Morning

There are many factors to consider why you have high blood sugar in the morning. Some factors help you understand your blood sugar levels better, and one of these factors is the Dawn Phenomenon. So, what is the Dawn Phenomenon?

The Dawn Phenomenon

The dawn phenomenon is the most accepted theory to answer the query,’ Why my blood sugar is high in the morning? Our body undergoes some natural hormone changes that occur during our sleep cycle.

Irrespective of being a diabetic or not, a significant shoot in the blood sugar of everyone during morning hours. Our body produces extra hormones like the growth hormone cortisol and the other one glycogen and less insulin than daytime. Conventionally, everything gets balanced by further production of insulin, thus remains unnoticed.

While in a diabetic patient, low insulin could not balance the other hormones and cause a spike in the sugar level.

However, this increase in blood sugar varies from person to person.

Eventually, no two people react to the phenomenon in the same way. Moreover, people with type1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes respond differently which is another key point about the Dawn Phenomenon.

What Are The Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar In The Morning?

Here, we must note that when the Dawn Phenomenon triggers, the following symptoms of high blood sugar in the morning may occur.

  • dizziness
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • blurry vision
  • disorientation
  • feeling tired
  • intense thirst

What Is The Best Time To Check Blood Sugar In The Morning?

The most recommended and the best time to check blood sugar in the morning is before taking any meals or even anything. Accordingly, it reflects the correct diagnosis of the insulin level to control blood sugar levels that tend to increase at the night.

Ways Of Lowering Morning Blood Sugar (Without Medication)

Here are listed below a few things to be added cautiously to your daily routine to lower morning blood sugar without medication.

  1. Having a persistent exercise routine helps you in losing weight and increasing insulin sensitivity.
  2. Minimize carbohydrate intake.
  3. Include more fibrous food in your meals.
  4. Stay hydrated irrespective of the weather
  5. Choose your plate size
  6. Keep stress at bay
  7. Monitor your blood sugar levels regularly
  8. Get enough sleep at least 6-8 hours the night

What is the Reason for High Morning Blood Sugar in Non-Diabetics?

High blood sugar is not only the condition found in diabetics but also high morning blood sugar in non-diabetics is also conventional. 

There can be various reasons including the dawn effect, over-snacking at the night, more carbohydrate consumption during dinner, bizarre sleep patterns, etc.

  • Weather

Do the weather conditions manipulate our blood sugar? Surprisingly, it is true. Extreme weather conditions, from hot to cold, can affect people with diabetes in many ways.

Extreme heat and cold can affect testing equipment and medications and negatively affect the body’s ability to produce and consume insulin.

In summer, insulin can lose strength after exposure to heat so measures can go wrong in extreme heat. It is mandatory to keep diabetes supplies away from direct sun and heat. If your blood sugar level is consistently higher than expected in the morning, it is worth considering whether your insulin may get damaged during sunlight.

In extreme winters also some people complain, ‘Why my blood sugar is high in the morning? You are at a higher risk of night sweats if your blood sugar levels cannot be monitored at night. Monitor your blood sugar as closely as possible to get away in extreme temperatures, especially in the early hours of the morning.

Other Causes For High Blood Sugar In The Morning Include

  1. Hypertension or blood pressure
  2. Inadequate diet and food with a high glycaemic index
  3. Inactive Lifestyle 
  4. Inappropriate sleeping patterns

The Conclusion

We hope to deliver you the perfect answer, ‘Why my blood sugar is high in the morning?’ Important to realize to follow a treatment plan with the consultation of your doctor. For people with type 2 diabetes with the increase in insulin resistance, the disease progress rapidly.

Lifestyle adjustments like a little exercise, switching to healthy food, proper sleep, taking plenty of water, following proper medication and a close watch on your sugar and hypertension level may help to some extent in the case of type 2 diabetes. Always keep in mind that just a single portion of the junk or sweet beverages can trigger your blood sugar levels.

In addition to the above one should avoid skipping meals. Taking small healthy foods at regular intervals will do wonders for your body. Diabetes is not just a disease it is a mother of other complications. Nonetheless, essential most are to enjoy your life by taking care of yourself.

Prolonged Hyperglycemia or diabetes can take you on more risks such as heart problems, kidney failure, nerve and gum damage, etc. To possess a healthy body and mind include reading health blogs, and joining diabetes-related forums as that will connect you with other patients. Share experiences and get more valuable tips. Prepare a health log to record your daily intake of everything. 

Notwithstanding, if you find a rise in the blood sugar level repeatedly. It is highly recommended to get an expert practitioner to advise. However, keep a record of your switched blood sugar levels for their reference and advice.


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