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A lot of people hear and say things that go on around to other people and these people believe them and so it goes on to be another hearsay. It’s hard to know when the truth is the actual truth. For instance, “how many calories does insanity burn?”

It’s a common question and no one knows who started it. But, since we’re here to find out what weight loss technique works best, we’ll get to this question and find out if it’s true together.

How Many Calories Does Insanity Burn?

If you have heard of the insanity workout, you probably thought of something extreme and hardcore. If you were thinking of something like that, then you are absolutely right. This workout program is one of the most challenging out there on the market. 

The insanity workout is an advanced workout program. It involves a total body workout without the use of a gym or equipment. What acts as a form of resistance for this program is your body weight. You can do this exercise in the comfort of your own home or anywhere else you want. It lasts 20-60 minutes per session and is continually performed for six consecutive days for two months. You will only have one rest day per week. 

Insanity workout is a form of Interval Training, which recently is now a fad due to the lockdown.  Interval training is a short, high-intensity workout spread out in between rest periods. Athletes use interval training to build up their speed and endurance. 

This workout program has gained popularity over the years, and rightfully so. It has helped countless people attain their ideal body weight fast and become fitter. So what can you expect when getting yourself in this workout? Is this workout for you? If this workout is hard as it says, do you need to prepare for it? We will tackle these questions one by one below. 

How Many Calories Does Insanity Burn

What Can You Expect in an Insanity Workout?

Insanity workout programs come in as a series of DVD bundles. Created by the Beachbody program and hosted by Shaun T, your video trainer and guide for the workout. 

The program has a laid out workout plan on the ready. You will need to follow their guidelines and recommendations to make the most out of it. Eat the recommended nutritional diet, and follow the guidelines of a proper workout form. You will lose weight and be fitter in no time. 

A typical exercise routine involves a long duration of cardio or short bursts of weight lifting. Insanity workout is different. You will need to perform some high-intensity workouts spaced with very short periods of rest. 

You can expect long periods of high-intensity exercise followed by a quick short rest.  Duration is about 3-5 minutes, followed by 30 seconds of rest. You will repeat the cycle until the 20-60 minutes session ends. It will take the breath out of you, and seriously, it really will. 

Fortunately for you, the courses they give only consist of weight resistance or cardio workouts, any equipment is not needed. 

How Many Calories Does the Insanity Workout Burn?

Expect the workout to take your breath away literally. If it is this intense, surely the calories burned are enormous? And Yes, it is! Beachbody claims that you can burn as much as 1000 calories per workout, although this depends on some variables. 

Some have recorded that they have burned somewhere 200-600 calories. To have accurate detail on how many calories are burned, consider installing an app. There are plenty of apps nowadays that can accurately record and detail your heart rate and calories burned. Consider getting one of those in app stores. 

Factors such as age, gender, and the intensity of the workout can change the results. 

How Many Calories Does Insanity Burn

Starting Your Insanity Workout

Here are some things you have to consider doing first before doing the Insanity program.

  1. First and foremost, buy the Insanity workout DVD. It costs 144 USD, it might be expensive, but it still is way cheaper than a gym membership. Plus, you get in shape far faster too.
  2. Take some images of your body before starting the workout. That way, progress is much more noticeable, and it will encourage you to do more. Also, measure your weight and body measurements for comparison. You will see how beneficial the Insanity workout is after you have seen the results. 
  3. Find a wide-open space within your home, or just go to your backyard. You will need the space since you will be moving a lot.

Is It For You?

You should expect tough workouts from the Insanity workout. Seriously, the name says it all. It is not for the weak-willed and faint-hearted. You will need to dedicate time and effort to see it through to the end. If you give up, you won’t reap the benefits of it.

If you have any health problems, make sure to see a doctor first. This program can be especially dangerous for those that have heart health. 

This is not something beginners should trifle with. You need to be at least young or physically active to continue this workout. Even the warm-up itself is challenging because of its continuous activity with little to no break. 

Insanity workout also contains a series of high-impact movements. These movements can impact your knee, shoulders, and other tendons if you are not careful and active enough. 

It’s best for those that train regularly and have a physically active life. If you aren’t in this criteria, rest assured it isn’t the end for you. 

Getting Ready for the Insanity Workout

You must have at least a basic fitness level before starting the program. To increase your overall fitness, you need to train your body first for several weeks or months. 

Try doing some cardio exercise, and this includes running, jogging, cycling, and swimming. The following will improve your cardiovascular muscles and endurance. Those will be needed once you start doing Insanity. 

Another would be strength training. This will come in handy once you perform some high-impact workouts. It will help ease the burden on those joints and tendons by transferring them to the muscles.

Finally, do some callisthenics. Callisthenics will help you be more flexible and know the basics of the Insanity workout. A lot of Insanity workout is just intensified callisthenics. 

How Many Calories Does Insanity Burn? The Conclusion

The insanity workout is one of the best DVD workouts on the market. However, it is not something that everyone can jump in and start doing. You need to be physically active and prepared to finish it.

IS it worth it? Yes! If you stick to their program, you can expect to burn a significant amount of fat and calories! You can expect a healthier and fit look.


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