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How To Check Blood Sugar Without A Meter?

Each diabetic patient goes through a daily dreadful and painful custom of pricking his finger to check his glucose level. A question that crosses their mind is, ‘How to check blood sugar without a meter?’

In the era where medical technologies and research are consistently setting new benchmarks, is this so hard to have some painless methods to check blood sugar?

Does nobody want to have a painful morning? In addition to the fact that it is an agonizing token of the sickness itself, it’s right now the best available way that is reliable and precisely screens your blood sugar levels.

However, it is imperative to keep a consistent log of your blood sugar levels. This record helps to figure out the cause of your glucose spike. Testing may need for once or a couple of times each day to show if your diabetes drugs and insulin are working properly.

Easy Ways To Check Blood Sugar Without A Meter

Diabetes is a complicated state of the body. Furthermore, it triggers more diseases. Thus, it is of utmost importance to keep a close watch on the blood sugar level readings. Here, we are presenting ways to monitor your blood sugar without a meter.

Self-Monitoring: A Great Way To Check Blood Sugar At Home?

 Keeping a watch on your diabetes numbers is essential. We can easily determine, ‘How to check blood sugar at home?’ by just observing the symptoms of the disease.

If you feel thirsty more often

Conventionally, when we feel thirsty, we used to drink a glass or two glasses of water. Conversely, if you are diabetic then no wonder if you down with a pitcher of water at one go.

This is how people used to check sugar levels at home without machines. Furthermore, this method cannot tell you the numbers of your sugar level yet it will leave you with doubt to consult a doctor.

You frequently start using restrooms

Why a person urges more often for peeing? The reason behind this is that at the point when the sugar level is high in your blood, your kidneys can’t haul the sugar out any longer.

Your body attempts to weaken that sugar by pulling in more water from your tissues, leaving you feeling got dried out. This causes you to feel the desire to drink more water, bringing about you are peeing all the more regularly. 

Encountering such a condition can tell you if your blood sugar is high without a meter.   

Sudden Weight-loss: check your blood sugar without needles

Losing some pounds provides a kind of happiness and is always good for health. Contrary, if you find a significant weight loss all of a sudden, there is some alarming sign hidden behind it.

This method also helps to check your blood sugar without needles.

If you start feeling hungry often: the way for needle-free blood sugar testing

Paying attention to eating patterns is an effective method to check various diseases. It is a considerable method for needle-free blood sugar testing too.

Why we feel hungrier if our blood sugar is remarkably high, our body finds trouble in fetching energy from the existing glucose in our blood. To fulfil this energy demand makes you feel hungry.

You mostly sense tiredness or fatigue

Observe yourself or the patient to be cared for, feeling exhausted throughout a day, alarms you about the rising blood sugar. Additionally, you will not be feeling well straight after taking a long rest. 

High blood sugar levels affect blood circulation in the body. Hence, oxygen and blood supply to your body cells get interrupted.

If you encounter blurred vision

High blood sugar is one of the causes of blurred vision. However, this symptom may fade with control over sugar levels.

Ophthalmologists recommend getting your retina check at least once a year.

Prolonged healing of wound and infections

Delay in the healing of wounds is a serious indication of the raised sugar levels. Furthermore, frequent skin and gum infections show that sugar level is not optimum. Itching in the genital area happens due to the fungus caused by the increased sugar in the urine.

Urine Sugar test

It is a very traditional way to check whether you are a diabetic or not. Our old ancestors didn’t know, ‘How to check blood sugar without meter’? They followed a technique that if ants follow your urine path implies the presence of sugar in your urine.

These are some very effective ways to check blood sugar without a meter.

How To Check Blood Sugar Without A Meter Conclusion

We delivered you the right methods to answer, ‘How to check blood sugar without a meter’. Despite these, we would like to say that you should go for the meter testing methods for accuracy.

Checking blood sugar naturally without finger pricking can help you in the primary examination. As soon as you find your raised blood sugar, consult a doctor, and get your test done for accurate measures.

Moreover, untreated diabetes can cause genuine inconveniences, so tune in to your primary care physician’s treatment. With type 1 diabetes, you will generally have to take insulin because your body doesn’t make it.

Also, you may require a way of life changes. For type 2 diabetes, your primary care physician will probably suggest a blend of diet and way of life changes. You will have to screen your glucose every day to ensure it’s leveled out. 

If you are not a diabetic person then also know the weight of the risk factors of being diabetic. 

  • You can take online tests to know your risk of being a diabetic.
  • If you are over 45 years, then it is mandatory to keep a check on your eating habits.
  • You are at high risk if you have a family history of diabetes. Check regularly.
  • If you are over 45 and obese, you may trigger high blood sugar levels. 

Irrespective of age, we must take very good care of our body. Let be it a blessing always.


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