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Know How to Eat Pumpkin pie

If you happen to mention the word ‘pie,’ people automatically start smiling. The temptations of eating a slice of pie are hard to resist. Be it a lemon pie, blackberry pie, name them all. What of a pumpkin pie topped with either honey or whipped cream? Delicious, huh? Yes, you’re even drooling. I am too. 

Amazingly, pumpkin pie is the top favorite among Americans, as per a recent survey. It is a sign of thanks for a harvest, basically why it’s mostly eaten during the thanksgiving period. When thanksgiving nears an end, all the pumpkins that were around, start to vanish. As they also call it, pumpkin pie season is almost over.

When you eat pumpkin pie, which is lighter, the pumpkin must have been fresh. Whether it’s orange or brown, the color does not necessarily matter as you’ll enjoy every bite of it.

Pumpkin Pie

What Do You Serve With Pumpkin Pie?

How many love turkeys? Well, I do since I also love chicken. Take your pumpkin pie to another level by eating it with a turkey. Be creative with your selections. Feel free to add some garlic cloves, cinnamon, and also thyme for your turkey. Have you decided on how you’ll cook your turkey? Will you brine, roast, or fry?

In preparation for the turkey, wash it in its every corner and rinse. Remember, any germs present are a significant cause of food poisoning, and you surely don’t want that. To be safer, too, make sure you use a thermometer (food) to ensure the turkey cooks to a safe internal temperature. After it’s done cooking, allow it to rest for 3-4 minutes after you’re done removing them from either a grill or oven.

You can now feast on your juicy turkey accompanied by the pumpkin pie. 

You can also combine your pumpkin pie with whipped cream for a little spice up.

A dollop of the whipped cream is sufficient to make your pumpkin pie pudding very delicious. You’ll love it since it tastes that good. 

I’m not too fond of it when I usually run out of the cream before even finishing my pumpkin pie.

Well, how about deep frying your pumpkin pie. It’s all about experimentation, and it’s fun. If you have more than one pumpkin pie, use only one so that if it goes wrong, at least not all spoiled. Be adventurous; you never know, it may turn out good for you.

Pumpkin Pie

Is Pumpkin Pie Healthy For You?

Pumpkin pie is a nutritious food for your body. With a slice of the pie, you acquire vitamin A, calcium, and iron. It’s highly rich in vitamin A especially for the pumpkin filling, which has many benefits including, having glowing skin, perfect nerves, and assists your blood. Calcium helps to improve your teeth and bones. Iron helps in blood clots and also oxygenating your blood, which is highly essential for your body.

When preparing your ingredients for the pumpkin pie, to be on the safer side, limit the usage of some, e.g., the fat. Or, if not better, make sure you use healthier oils. For the eggs and milk you use, you can always substitute them appropriately. The whole dairy you still prefer, why not use skim milk. For the eggs, use only the egg whites. Remember, you’re trying to be as healthy as possible so that you enjoy your pumpkin pie without any worries.

Besides, you can always make yourself a pumpkin pie that doesn’t have too much sugar. With the creams you top with, consider its ratio to your pie and let it not be very excessive.

With all that, you can say a pumpkin pie has health benefits for you.

Is Pumpkin Pie Good For Weight Loss?

For a pumpkin pie that uses pumpkin spice or generally pumpkin pie spice, it’s great for trimming down your weight. For the people who are usually insecure over their bodies, probably it’s high time they tried it out. Even if you loathe pumpkin ha-ha, anyway, let me share the secret tips.

Firstly, pumpkin pie spice is a popular ingredient probably not known by a few. It is a blend of nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, and ginger. Whenever we add seasonings to our foods, they tend to be naturally sweet without necessarily using the sugars and fats that are unhealthy for us. I hope you all agree with me, even if it’s partially.

All these spices are agents of cutting off some weight. Cinnamon helps maintain insulin at a steady rate, which controls your body’s blood sugar level. When there are extreme blood sugar levels in your system, it’s hazardous and \also a cause for gaining weight. 

Ginger increases your metabolism rate, and that only means you burn excess calories. It only means you lessen the fat in your body hence losing weight in bits.

Nutmeg is rich in fiber and has other contents like manganese and low sodium, which are a booster in splitting cholesterol and fats. It is a heavy step on the journey towards losing weight.

Cloves likewise break down fat, increase your metabolism rate, reduce sugar levels, thus losing weight as well.

In Conclusion

Do you love pumpkin pies? Okay, you have the answer to yourself. A turkey is not that bad an option to go with your pumpkin pies. As long as it’s cooked well, you’re good to go. 

When adding whipped cream to your pumpkin pie, have it in the right proportion to your pie. Don’t over exceed it until you’re unable to eat it. Start with a pinch of it.

Concerning deep frying your pumpkin pie, allow the curious ones to try it out if at all it’s not your thing.

When you eat pumpkin pie, you not only enjoy but also get health benefits from it. If it’s the oil and sugar used in making the pumpkin pie, limit every portion of it. If it’s a bought pumpkin pie, you have to control the amount you take to be safe.


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