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Pure Cardio And Cardio Abs

Many desperately want to lose weight quickly, so they find themselves trying all kinds of workouts. If you are one of those people, you should consider Insanity workout. Insanity workout promises to get you into top shape within no time! Sounds good, right? However, you have to work extremely hard to get the results.

When I first heard of Insanity workout, I thought of something extreme and hardcore. And when I looked into what Insanity workout is, and sure enough, it lives up to its name. This workout program is one of the most challenging you can find! It is not for the faint-hearted to try out. So what is an Insanity workout?

Pure Cardio And Cardio Abs

Insanity Workout 

Insanity workout is an advanced workout program designed to lose weight and have a toned body. It involves a total body workout without using any weights or gym equipment. So instead of using the regular gym equipment, Insanity uses body weight to act as resistance. In short, calisthenics.

You can do an Insanity workout at the comfort of your own home or anywhere else you want. As long as you have enough space to accommodate your movement, you should be fine. Each session can last between 20-60 minutes. But, you will need to do it for six consecutive days. You will only have one day of rest.

Insanity workout is a form of interval training, which recently is a favorite among many athletes. Instead of the long-drawn-out exercise like running or jogging, Interval training is different. Interval training is a quick but high-intensity workout spread out between brief rest periods. Athletes regularly do Interval training to build up their strength and endurance. 

Insanity workout is life-changing for many people. It has helped thousands achieve their ideal weight in no time. Plus, it’s not all about losing weight, but also toning the muscles as well. 

Pure Cardio And Cardio Abs

What Does Insanity Workout Offer?

Insanity workout comes in DVD bundles or through their online courses. Shaun T hosts the program; he will be your video trainer and guide for the workout. For you to access their programs, simply order them online or visit their website. 

Starting this workout is not complicated. The videos will have it all laid out for you; the only thing left to do is follow them. Eat their recommended diet and follow the proper steps. That way, you are making the most out of your purchase.

Don’t expect Insanity as the same as any regular workout routine. Insanity workout demands long periods of high-intensity exercise followed by a quick short rest.  Duration is about 3-5 minutes, followed by 30 seconds of rest. You will repeat the cycle until the 20-60 minutes session ends. Expect the workout to take your breath away, and I mean it literally. 

Fortunately for you, the courses they give only consist of weight resistance or cardio workouts, any equipment is not needed. Among their workout programs, most people favored pure cardio and cardio abs. We will further explore why this is the case. 

Pure Cardio Workout

A typical Insanity workout consists of short bursts and a brief rest in between. This time, however, pure cardio will require long duration activity without any rest! But, feel free to take a breather if you think you are reaching your limit. After all, nobody wants injuries. Expect sweating buckets when doing this pure cardio. 

So what can you expect in pure cardio? Here are the following moves to expect from doing pure cardio:

  1. Suicide Drills: Starting from your position, you sprint 5 yards forward and then back. The program will require you to repeat this several times.
  2. Switch Kicks: Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart and raise them like a kick. Then do the same thing with your other leg. Continuously do this movement quickly and repeatedly.
  3. Wide Football Stance: Stand wide and quickly shift your weight from one foot to the other. 
  4. Stance Jacks; Start with a standing position. Next, lower your hips like a squat and use one hand to touch the ground. After that, go back to your standing position and do the same thing for the other hand. Quickly repeat the process.
  5. Pedal: Pedal involves doing a quick-paced jog and performing lunges in intervals. 
  6. Hooks and Jump Rope: Do right hooks with one arm eight times, and after that, jump really high. Now do the same thing for your next arm and repeat the process.
  7. Power Jacks: It’s a combination of jumping jacks and squats.
  8. Level 2 Drills: Perform eight push-ups, eight mountain climbing, and lately perform a job. And hence repeat.
  9. Frog Jumps: It’s a burpee but without push-ups in it. Just start with the planking position and the legs are shoulder-width apart, then perform a jump.
  10.  Power Knees: Lean sideways and hold your hand together like a shell of a turtle. Afterward, connect those with your knees by raising the knees and lowering the arms. Now do it quickly. 
  11.  Mountain Climbers: Start with the planking position and do some alternating high knees. You need to move up and down like climbing a mountain.

Those are just a few of the cardio powers they perform. All of these steps may seem easy at first glance, but I assure you, they’re not. What makes them hard is their repetitiveness, but that’s the point! The harder the workout is, the more you will lose weight!

Cardio Abs

Now we are back to our usual interval training. This time, this workout will focus on your core muscles. If you want to develop some ripped abs, this is your go-to! Here are some of the workouts you should expect in cardio abs:

  1. Twists: Start by lying down and then do a V shape with your body. Cross your arms, then twist your arms to one side and then twist your legs on the opposite side. Keep alternating between them.
  2. Twists with a knee: Same thing as before, but this time your legs are folded.
  3. Hold Center: Same with the starting position with the twists, but this time, you need to hold in that position for a long time.
  4. Single-Leg Raises: Also starting with the V shape position. But you are going to raise your legs a few inches. 

With all of these workouts, you will have toned abs in no time!

Pure Cardio And Cardio Abs Conclusion

However, keep in mind that an Insanity workout is not for everyone. If you have any health problems, consult your doctor first before doing this workout. 


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