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Being a borderline diabetic or a diagnosed diabetic is hard because controlling the spikes and rises in blood sugar is a shot in the dark for beginners. Most of the time, you know you’ve controlled your cravings and diet but your sugar still spikes and it gets alarming and stressful.

So, let’s tackle one of the core questions to help you understand your condition better, or you can help someone else who is experiencing this. “Where does sugar enter the blood?”

Where Does Sugar Enter The Blood? Here’s What You Should Know

Where Does Sugar Enter The Blood

Sugar‘ is the word that carries the sweetness. Yes, we eat it, we crave for it and also love it. Sugar in the form of chocolates, ice-creams, sweets makes anyone’s mouth water. It can be heavenly sometimes, but on the other hand, dangerous for you as well – especially if your uncontrolled blood sugar levels are an issue.

Having said that, did you ever wonder how and where does sugar enter the blood? Even when a person who didn’t have sweets for long or had not taken sugar in any form could get high blood sugar. The facts and the ways we get sugar in our blood may shock you as you can’t even think that these may turn you into a diabetic person.

Health should be one’s priority, and thus, we must know every possible way we get sugar into our bodies. We have summarised here some surprising manners so that we can restrain ourselves from getting an excessive amount of sugar.

Where Does Sugar Enter The Blood Exactly?

  • Stress: The Most Ignored Reason

Shocked? Yes, it’s not the sugar in the food you have consumed, but sugar caused by stress. Feeling stress is the reason behind where does glucose comes from and is affecting our health badly.

Unfortunately, we tend to feel stress very often. Anxiety about our work at the office, finances, our family, and other reasons lead to stress that in turn interrupts the working of the insulin and thus causes diabetes. According to various studies, we encounter hundreds of reasons which cause stress.

Now, if you are suffering from varying blood sugar levels, then it is your prime responsibility to stay away from it. Do practice yoga, meditation, cardio to keep yourself healthy. 

  • Food: The Main Culprit for the Abnormal Blood Sugar

A very famous saying says, “you will be what you eat”.

It is right as if you consume food with too much calories; you will gain weight and may suffer from diabetes, heart problems, etc. We all are aware that whatever we eat, the carbohydrates inside that food turn into glucose. The stomach and the intestine absorb the glucose that gets mixed with blood. Hence, that is how and where does sugar enters the blood in the form of glucose.

Here, we must know that not all food are bad. Mostly junk food like pizza, burgers, cold drinks, alcohol, cakes, cookies are responsible for the increasing and decreasing levels of blood sugar in your body. One must care for the food one’s taking in. 

Do you crave Chinese food a lot? Then, you will be surprised to know that Chinese food is responsible for your blood sugar levels. Yes, studies have shown that the primary ingredients of Chinese cuisine would manipulate blood sugar. So, beware while choosing your plate.

  • Sedentary Lifestyle: Interruptions Where Sugar Leaves The Blood

Our lifestyle plays a crucial role in the exit process of sugar. “Where does sugar enter the blood?” This is the point we should be most aware because our lifestyle plays a huge role in where and when our sugar is released into the bloodstream.

We also need to know how and where does sugar leaves the blood. The excess amount of sugar is thrown out of the body by our kidneys in the form of urine. When we lead a sedentary lifestyle, the excess glucose that we gained from our food will cause our kidneys to work harder to let out the excess sugar.

But if we keep ourselves physically active whether by exercising, running, yoga, or going to gym, the excess sugar will be consume by our body as we need more energy when we carry out these activities. Consequently, our body will stay fit. Hence, whether it is your long working hours or a habit, you must put aside some time for some physical activities.

  • Sugar-Free Substitutes: The Misconception

Surprised to know that these sugar-free substitutes can be in the list of the reasons where does sugar enters the blood? Unfortunately, yes, they contribute a lot to control our blood sugar levels. Let’s find out how?

Many of these so-called sugar-free substitutes will raise your glucose levels. Why? They contain a lot of carbs from starch. Therefore, you must check the starches on the nutrition facts list before you think of consuming or even buying them.

Most of these products also say they have removed sugar and replaced it with an alternative glucose content, which is basically still sugar in other forms.

You ought to likewise focus on sugar alcohols like sorbitol and xylitol as they add the sweetness of sucrose, however, their presence may be enough to keep your energy level up.

  • Caffeine & Energy Drinks: Little Love is Enough for Them

We crave coffee in the morning when we feel tired or at our workplace. There could be hundreds of reasons for your love for coffee. But, you must keep in mind that our blood sugar level increases just after we take coffee.

Even black coffee with no calories could contribute to blood sugar because of the effects of caffeine on the hormones. 

Every diabetic person reacts to foods & drinks differently. So, you must check with your doctor to know which would be the most suitable for you. Again, before taking any sports drink, you must be aware of the fact that they contain a high amount of soda, which increases blood sugar because of the sugar content it has.

  • Dry Fruits: Oh! The Most Unexpected One

Dry fruits are good for health yet, dried fruits have 3 times more carbohydrates than a small piece of raw fruit. Hence, we must check the proper quantity we consumed.

Most dried fruits also increase in sugar because of the processes it goes through before drying or even fermenting.

Where Does Sugar Enter The Blood

Where Does Sugar Enter The Blood? Here’s the Conclusion;

Now, as we know the prime reasons where sugar enters the blood, we must keep a track of our daily habits. It is not difficult to control blood sugar, yet willing to have a healthy body will help you even if you are a diabetic patient.

Sugar in our blood is necessary to do our daily chores but there should not be excessive sugar coursing through your blood and body.

Success is of no use if you do not possess a healthy body. Why earn money, if there is no peace in your mind, and your relationships only offer you great stress. Eat honestly, exercise regularly, meditate, stay active either way and surround yourself with happy people.

Let not the disease take away your happiness or your right to live happily. Your health is precious and hence needs your proper attention and care.

If you’re finding it really hard to control the blood sugar spikes and rises, the best thing you can do is be aware of the increases. It’s a good headstart to get you mentally ready to choose healthier options.


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